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Eight years ago, the programmer bought two pizzas for 10 thousand bitcoins – now this is a holiday of the crypto-currency community


As of 2018, it turns out that he ordered food for 83 million dollars.

Pizza, ordered by Heinitz
Pizza, ordered by Heinitz

On May 22, 2010, one of the most famous transactions involving crypto-currencies occurred – the American Laszlo Hanyecz spent 10 thousand bitcoins, buying two pizzas on them. Now 10 thousand bitcoins cost more than 83 million dollars. Because of this act, Heinitz became famous as a “failed millionaire”, and on May 22 turned into a holiday for the crypto-currency community.

The Telegraph edition recalled the history of the deal and learned from its heroes what they think of it in 2018.

Fair agreement

“It seems like it was two big pizzas, because a few pieces were left the next day. I like to do it “, – recalls Heinitz events of May 2010. On May 18, he published a post on the crypto-currency forum, offering to exchange 10,000 bitcoins for pizza: with onions, sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes, but without “all sorts of ridiculous things” like the fish top. Otherwise, Heinitz was ready to agree to the usual cheese.

Then 10 thousand bitcoins cost about 40 dollars. A few days later Jeremy Sturdivant responded to the announcement, which received the promised crypto currency in exchange for an order from Papa John’s. Heinitz said that at that time it seemed like a great deal: “I just spent the internet currency on food. Considering that I mined bitcoin myself – it was just a free pizza. ”

Jeremy the Star. Photos of Telegraph
Jeremy the Star. Photos of Telegraph
According to him, he offered such a large amount in the hope that at least someone will respond – in 2010 there were almost no transactions. Some owners of bitcoins even gave crypto currency for free to increase its popularity on the Internet.

He did not forget about the deal with two pizzas and the Star Trek: he had to make an order from the other end of the country, but in general “everything went smoothly.” At that time, the 19-year-old American did not think he was getting potential millions of dollars – the deal seemed to him fair for both sides.

Pizza Day for Bitcoins

Celebration at
Celebration at
Every year the bitcoin rate grew, and the deal between Haynitsa and Starvedenta became more popular. In 2013, she wrote about The New York Times – then one bitcoin cost about 900 dollars. May 22 for the crypto-exchange community was a holiday with the name “Bitcoin Pizza Day”. On this day, companies and owners of crypto-currency remember Heinitz in social networks and mark the date with pizza.

“Do not forget to eat pizza today. 10 thousand bitcoins today cost 83 million dollars, and on May 22, 2010 the developer bought two pizzas for them ”

“Have a nice day for pizza for bitcoins! We made a limited series of [Nano S’s crypto currency wallet] to celebrate the historic moment ”

“Pizza for bitcoins today is worth 83 million dollars. Today is the day of pizza for bitcoins! ”

“Have a nice day for pizza for bitcoins! To celebrate this historic event, I offer a deal to subscribers: you send me bitcoin, and I’ll give you two Bitcoin Hash »

The event is celebrated all over the world. For example, the Kiev community of Blockchain Hub Kyiv since 2015 is going together and celebrating a memorable date. Bloomberg in honor of the holiday estimated that now 10 thousand bitcoins can buy 6.5 million pizzas for 12.5 dollars. And if you stack these boxes on top of each other, you get a tower 300 kilometers high.

Laszlo Heinitz entered the history of the crypto-currency world as “the very man who lost millions because of pizza.”

The fate of 10 thousand bitcoins

Eight years later Heinitz tries not to think about that deal. There are two reasons for this: the first is useless, and the second – thoughts about a possible benefit would drive him crazy. “I do not consider this a mistake. It’s like talking that you had to go back in time and buy Google shares, “the American added.

Laszlo Heinitz with his family. Photos of Telegraph
Laszlo Heinitz with his family. Photos of Telegraph
Heinitz minted bitcoins for the sake of a hobby and admitted that he had spent them all up to a sharp jump in the rate. In addition to pizza, there were other small things, for which he paid crypto currency. The loss of $ 83 million does not greatly depress him: “I’m just glad that I managed to help the success of bitcoin. It’s great to feel part of something important. “

The starter also failed to become a millionaire with the help of the crypto currency received for ordering a pizza. He put the bitcoins on a purse, and then paid them a trip with a girl across the US. “With an accurate knowledge of the future, I would have acted differently, but so you can say about anything,” the participant of the history believes.

In 2018, Laszlo repeated the famous deal – he again bought two pizza for bitcoins. However, this time the order of food cost him only in 0.00649 bitcoins ($ 67).

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