Dozens of Xiaomi employees will become millionaires after the IPO

After placing on the stock exchange 56 first employees of Xiaomi company will become dollar millionaires. As explained by Bloomberg, after the appearance of the Chinese start-up, its founders and employees worked seven days a week without any breathing space. At some point, they learned that the whole business was built on the money of its founders, and decided to help.

An example is the story of a former Microsoft engineer who came to Xiaomi and became the 12th employee of the account. At his disposal there was a little less than $ 80 thousand. He planned to spend them on buying a house, but this amount was not enough. Therefore, the man offered to invest them in a new business. The founders of the company gladly agreed and gave the green light to all the other willing subordinates.

Some of the newly-made investors at that time were very wealthy people, but there were among them and those who collected money for crumbs. So, the investments of one of the secretaries in the amount of $ 16 thousand to $ 32 thousand will turn after the IPO in the amount ranging from $ 1 million to $ 8 million.

In Xiaomi was not allowed to interview the lucky ones.

According to forecasts, the company will be able to raise up to $ 10 billion at the exchange, Xiaomi’s market capitalization can reach $ 100 billion.

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