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CNBC: Four tests of Russian cruise missiles ended in wrecks

The shortest flight lasted four seconds.

Putin at the presentation of new weapons during a message to the Federal Assembly. Photo by Grigory Sysoev, RIA Novosti
Russia from November 2017 to February 2018 four times tested cruise missiles with a nuclear installation – and all attempts culminated in failure, the American television channel CNBC reported , citing sources who are familiar with US reconnaissance data.
35 kilometers or 2 minutes
The longest test flight lasted, after which the control over the rocket was lost, and it collapsed.

8 kilometers or 4 seconds
The shortest test flight lasted, after which the rocket fell.

According to sources CNBC, the reason for the failure was that during the tests did not work nuclear installation. Presumably, a normal engine is used to launch a rocket developed since the early 2000s, and for switching to a nuclear engine.

According to the publication, the Kremlin officials insisted on testing (whose names are not called) contrary to the words of designers who warned that the units are not ready. None of the reports that CNBC has learned speak of risks to human health or environmental damage.

According to CNBC, Russia by 2020 will prepare another development – rockets with a nuclear power plant “Avangard”. The publication noted that from this weapon, “the United States is not currently able to defend itself.” In 2017, the missile was unsuccessfully tested and the next test for the summer of 2018 was planned.

In March, Vladimir Putin presented new Russian weapons during a message to the Federal Assembly. Then the president said that in late 2017, a successful test of the new system at the central testing range of Russia. He also showed the video made with computer graphics with the flight of rockets.

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