World Championship2018

All stations were allowed to shoot

At the 100 largest railway stations throughout the country, Russian Railways posted stickers “Take pictures”. The same stickers will appear on all stations of the Moscow Central Ring (MCC) and in the buildings of 13 interchange nodes

In anticipation of the arrival of foreign guests at the World Cup 2018, the railway authorities change the rules of conduct for passengers at the station. At the railway stations, photos and video shooting are now allowed. Conditions for surveying the railway infrastructure are simple: shooting should not interfere with other passengers, endanger life and health; It is also not possible to remove inspection equipment and its personnel.

At all nine Moscow stations, there will also be information stickers that will mark the best places for photographs and selfies. The marks can be seen in waiting rooms, business areas, aprons and on the station squares. On average, each station will have 20 of these stickers.

“The action begins on the eve of the World Cup, its goal is to popularize amateur photography and remind passengers and tourists that the first beautiful picture can be taken immediately – having got off the train, and many MCC stations, for example, are within the historical Moscow. find an excellent perspective for photography, “- the press service of the Moscow railway” RZD “.

After the end of the championship stickers will remain. Photographing on the railway was officially permitted ten years ago by the decree of the President of Russian Railways of July 18, 2008 No. 1513r. If you are prevented from photographing, it is enough to refer to this document.

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