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AliExpress launched in Russia an analogue of HQ Trivia – a quiz “Mani on a pocket”

In March, the same game “Clover” launched “VKontakte”.

In the Russian application AliExpress appeared quiz “Mani on the pocket” . A representative of the company  testing the game.

“Mani on your pocket” follows the same principle that “Clover” and HQ Trivia – participants on the air must answer questions within the allotted time. The quiz is held in the AliExpress application, each game has 12 questions. If the participant does not answer on time or gives the wrong answer, he leaves the game. “Departure” can be avoided once per air with the help of additional life – it is given for inviting a friend into the game.

The winnings are given in the form of dollar coupons by AliExpress with a face value of 1, 3, 5, 10 and 50 dollars. They are used to pay for goods with delivery from abroad, coupons do not apply to the Tmall site. Later, the company may allow you to withdraw winnings to the account balance or transfer it to an account, specified in AliExpress. On the prize fund in the near future allocated 300 thousand dollars.

The first announcement of the game appeared in the community of AliExpress in “VKontakte” at the end of April 2018 – then subscribers were invited to close beta testing and raffle 10 thousand rubles. Since May 16, the company began toconduct two quizzes – at 15:00 every weekday “for beginners” and at 19:00 every day – for “real pros.” In the first game, the questions are simpler, but coupons with lower denominations are played there.

AliExpress expects to increase the number of new users by at least 10% of the current index and increase the conversion in purchases within the application.

In Russia, the project is adapted by internal resources and is now in a test mode. Advertisers after the test period can become partners Tmall and AliExpress in Russia, similar to our projects of video streams, in which platform dealers actively participate.

representative of AliExpress

In March, the social network “VKontakte” launched the online game “Clover”, which became an analogue of the online quiz HQ Trivia from the creators of video service Vine. In “Clover” casting will team Ivan Urgant, who is also responsible for questions, design and studio. Periodically, the show will invite famous hosts, including Urgant himself. VKontakte is responsible for the technical part of the project.

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