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“A-ah-ah-ah”: “human” screams during the collision of two wild lynxes

“It seems like a quarreling couple.”

A resident of Canada, Ed Trist, who lives near Ontario, met two wild lynxes on the road with his family . According to men, animals are quite common in those parts, but they usually run away at the sight of a person. But on that day the lynx did not hide, because they were busy – they shouted at each other with “human voices”.

Trist’s family watched the collision for about ten minutes – all this time the animals continued to make sounds, but did not rush to attack. Before proceeding, Ed recorded a video of the “dispute”, which became viral.

Users of social networks jokingly noted that they faced the same strange screams and in everyday situations: for example, during the fight of teenagers or a dispute between brother and sister, whose turn to play on the Xbox console. Some commentators even suggested that the video is overdone.

The head of the veterinary service of the zoo Assiniboine Park Chris Enright (Chris Enright) stressed the uniqueness of the video: wild lynx avoid people, so they are very difficult to remove in the natural habitat. In his opinion, the clash could become part of the mating season of animals. In 2017, the publication National Geographic in a similar video noted that the lynx is arguing for territory.

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