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Residents of Psebay are sure that the attacking teenagers are covered by the authorities. The case was transferred to Mosco

Spontaneous action near the house of culture in Psebai settlement on May 18
Spontaneous action near the house of culture in Psebai settlement on May 18
On the night of May 14, a 40-year-old local resident Natalya Dmitrieva was killed in a 10-thousand settlement of Psebai in the Krasnodar Territory. On suspicion of a crime, a 16-year-old was detained.

The case from the criminal report led to a resonance, unusual even by federal standards. Local residents disagreed with the official version of the murder and staged a spontaneous action. They are sure: the investigation hides from them what happened, and the attack was committed by several teenagers whose relatives work in power. By May 22, the Investigation Committee changed the official version of the murder, and the head of the settlement quit.

The official version of the murder

In the evening of May 13, a teenager (his name is hidden) was resting with his friends at the cafe “Ivushka”, where Dmitrieva was also located. According to him, he allegedly volunteered to take her home and obtained consent, but on the way they had a conflict for an unknown reason. SK on the edge specified that the teenager was drunk, but did not indicate the state of the woman and whether she knew about the alcoholic intoxication of the satellite.

The guy admitted to the investigators that he hit the victim with a stone on the head and after falling fell on his stomach and strangled her. Then the attacker dragged the body to a hollow on the hill near private houses and disappeared, never reaching the house.

The police found Dmitrieva around 2:00 local time on May 14. A teenager was detained and initiated a criminal case against him under part 1 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code (murder). The perpetrator faces up to 15 years of imprisonment.

Doubts of local residents

Dmitrieva had a husband and five children, the youngest of whom was two years old, the eldest was 20. According to relatives, the pathologist concluded that the victim died for an unspecified reason.

Dmitriev was buried on May 16, a day after the first reaction of the UK. According to the observation of the Krasnodar “Notepad”, the whole village gathered for the funeral. Then the locals drew attention to numerous injuries and bruises on the body of a woman who contradicted the official version of the murder. The ambulance assistant told relatives Dmitrieva that the deceased had numerous hematomas and cuts, a torn mouth, a severed earlobe, torn internal organs and a broken skull.

Residents of Psebay also found strange a large number of policemen at the funeral. According to relatives of the deceased, the hired photographer for some unknown reason was banned from filming the funeral procession.

A video of an eyewitness of a funeral procession, where she talks about a ban on filming

Many details of the brutal murder were not mentioned by the investigators. There were no other confirmations to the medical assistant, but on May 17, the UK said that the suspected teenager had left out many bodily injuries. The investigators appointed a new examination.

Version of relatives

Family Dmitrieva did not believe the investigation and created a petition on, which for several days was signed by more than 22 thousand people. The main complaints about the investigation are that the criminal case does not mention mutilation and rape, and the medical certificate does not mention the murder.

Residents of the village are sure that the murder was committed not by one, but by several teenagers aged 16-17. “Notepad” from the words of close victims called them “majors” and “a gang that keeps the whole village in awe” and was repeatedly suspected of minor incidents and allegedly even murders.

Suspect with friends. Photo from the site "Notepad"
Suspect with friends. Photo from the site “Notepad”
According to the residents, before the murder, Dmitrieva was opposed to being conducted by a teenager – he allegedly studies in the same class with her son. The company still went after the woman. The relatives suggested that “there were acts of a sexual nature.”

Residents suspected that the investigation was not conducted fairly because the group of minors was covered by local officials and security officials. So, they called the detained teenager the son of the “chief forest ranger” Yuri Bondarenko, who may have some connections “to improve the procedural situation.” The head of the Psebaysky settlement, Pavel Zharkov, said that Bondarenko is not a state servant, but the head of the department of a commercial woodworking organization. In social networks , it was suggestedthat other members of the “gang” have relatives among representatives of power structures.

Spontaneous protest and consequences

May 18, almost all residents of Psebaya came to the local house of culture to meet with the administration and the security forces. People came so much that they did not fit in the assembly hall – and the meeting was moved to the street. The authorities tried to explain the course of the investigation “around the gravest tragedy”, and at the rally they created an initiative group of residents to monitor the investigation.

Authorities and siloviki Psebyay faced criticism from local residents. Those said that adolescents regularly violate public order, sell drugs on the Internet and “pay off” from responsibility for crimes. Residents of Psebaya demanded the eviction of a family of suspects in the murder.

Participants of the meeting complained that in their urban-type settlement there is no police department. Relatives of the alleged “gang” for the shares were not.

Complete record of the spontaneous rally

The first consequences of the protest

On May 21, the Investigative Committee for the Krasnodar Territory changed itsofficial position and transferred the case to the central office in Moscow.According to the new version, the murder was committed by “a group of persons on preliminary conspiracy with special cruelty in order to conceal a crime associated with sexual acts”. The UK recognized that the teenager was not alone, but at least with a 20-year-old accomplice: he was also arrested. The case was re-qualified for part 2 of Article 105, according to which suspects can be deprived of their liberty for life.

On May 22, the head of the Psebai district settlement Pavel Zharkov resigned at his own request. He has been in office since 2009. The duties of the head began to be temporarily performed by Zharkov’s deputy Alexei Bukin.

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