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Why the red mark on the assault shields is needed (4 photos)

Even today, shields are used to protect against firearms in addition to bulletproof vests. Most often they are used by police and special forces. On many of these shields one can find one interesting detail – a bright circle or a square in the center. For what it is needed, let’s look further.

The presence of this bright circle on a black background produces a psychological effect.

When suddenly in the darkness there appears a group of capture in a dark form with dark shields, then all attention to yourself is mainly focused on a bright spot in the center, where a person will start to intuitively shoot, and this is the most protected part of the shield.

In addition, the bright spot in the center is set off by the parts of the body that protrude it. The looking arms and legs become less visible, merge into one with the shield and it is difficult to get into them.

And the marker is sometimes painted with a reflective paint, which guarantees the effect of blinding, if you shine on it with a flashlight.

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