Vulnerability of the application for spying on children has led to the leak of Apple ID

The developers of the TeenSafe application for iOS made a serious mistake, which resulted in data leakage of thousands of users. Among this information are postal addresses and passwords from Apple ID accounts.

It is reported that TeenSafe used Amazon servers and did not protect the information stored there. You could access it without even knowing the password. I noticed the resource ZDNet, and after contacting TeenSafe, they turned off the servers. It seems that the situation affected only one of several servers.

The TeenSafe application allows parents to watch content from their child’s device: what messages they write, sites they visit, and so on. Feature of the application – it requires disabling two-factor authentication Apple ID. Thus, knowing the mail and password for the account, you can remotely log into it without confirmation via SMS to an Apple-number-bound phone number.

TeenSafe is now busy notifying users whose data could be affected.

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