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VPN-services cool earned on Russians after the blocking Telegram

While Roskomnadzor unsuccessfully tries to block Telegram, Russian users have started actively developing foreign VPNs. Representatives of some services note the increase in the number of paid subscriptions up to 1000%.

Among the most popular services for providing anonymous surfing is the American TorGuard VPN. Since April, the number of its premium subscribers from Russia has increased tenfold.

Another service VyprVPN, founded by the head of Golden Frog Sanday Jokubaitis, reported an increase in the number of registrations by 190% and an increase in downloads by 198%.

CyberChost’s leadership from the day of the Telegram’s blocking (April 16) noted the growth of active paid and free users by 10%. The number of downloads of the mobile application has increased 3.8 times.

In a word, on the blocking of Telegram, the messenger itself and the VPN services were well promoted.

And although Roskomnadzor claims to block 80 foreign VPNs and proxies at once, there is a feeling that the regulator deliberately gave anonymous access to the network to IT companies the opportunity to earn extra money. Businessman ]

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