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“They are cheaper to play?”: “Tinkoff Bank” was accused of unequal prize money for men and women in the basketball tournament

In fact, the bank did not pay anything to men, and organized a tournament for girls for their money.

The winners of the Moscow Open
The winners of the Moscow Open

From 18 to 19 May 2018 in Moscow, the Moscow Open – the official international streetball tournament (streetball) in the “three by three” format was held. The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) has awarded the competition the status of “Challenger” – this means that its winners will be able to play in the prestigious World Tour.

However, in 2018 the tournament was remembered not only for basketball matches. Sponsor of the Tinkoff Bank competition (since 2017 the official name of the event is Tinkoff Moscow Open) was accused of sexism, because the men’s team won several times more for the victory than the women’s. In response, the representatives of the bank said that they were not responsible for the prize money for men, and women were paid on their own initiative – the organizers did not intend to hold matches for them.

One of the first to notice the difference in payments paid attention to the user of Twitter Dmitri Slukin after the appearance of photos from the award ceremony. It shows that the men’s team “Gagarin” holds a sign with the logo “Tinkoff Bank” and the amount written on it – $ 10 thousand. In turn, the girls from the Hungarian team received only 2 thousand dollars.

Judging by the photos from the Moscow Open, the second place was six thousand dollars and one thousand dollars, respectively.

Unequal payments to men and women are a topic that regularly rises in the world sports community. For example, football players of the English Super League receive on average only 1% of the salaries of players in the English Premier League. In May 2018, the New Zealand team raised the salary of the women’s team to the men’s level, but so far this is a single case.

Because of different prize “Tinkoff Bank” was accused of sexism.

“Tinkoff Bank” tried to explain the situation in the comments under the tweet Slukin, but faced a second wave of criticism for “condescending tone.”

Representatives of Tinkoff Bank told that the bank became the title sponsor of the tournament, but it was not his responsibility to pay the prize winners – this was done by the organizers from the Association of Russian Street Basketball. The amount of remuneration was set by FIBA: if the payoff threshold was less, the Moscow Open would lower the status.

All this applies exclusively to men’s teams, because there is no official female “Challenger”, like the World Tour, where you need to be selected. FIBA plans to hold the first such competition only in 2019, so the Moscow Open organizers initially did not intend to host a women’s tournament in Moscow.

According to representatives of “Tinkoff Bank”, they were the initiators of the matches among the girls in the framework of a separate tournament Tinkoff Girl Power. In contrast to men’s competitions, in this case the bank itself financed the prize fund.

An ordinary “Challenger” is played by men, they gain bonus points, play out rides, that’s all. We on our own initiative decided that it would be right to give the opportunity to play and the girls, so together with the Association of Street Basketball organized the arrival of teams and at the expense of the bank allocated prize money.

In addition, we have created special zones for sports lovers at our own expense. They held trainings and lectures, participation in which could be received by all comers.

press-service of Tinkoff Bank
The Association of Street Basketball added that it was the first female international streetball tournament “of this level.”

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