There was a photo of the panel of the secret Xiaomi smartphone with a 3D face scanner as in the iPhone X

On the Internet , a photo of the faceplate of an unknown Xiaomi smartphone appeared. Apparently, we have a new flagship model. The device should be the first for devices of this brand to receive a system of three-dimensional scanning of the user’s face. A similar technology is used in the iPhone X.

But not only that, the future Xiaomi smartphone is similar to Apple’s flagship – the “monobrow” in the upper part looks almost identical to the iPhone X, although the same solution is found in other manufacturers. A ledge in the upper area is needed not only for the conversational speaker, but also for the face scanner.


Previously, Xiaomi reported that by the end of May the company will hold some kind of event. The likely date is May 31. Most likely, the device will be shown on this event.

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