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The US Justice Department instructed to check the FBI’s political motivation in the investigation against Russia

Donald Trump demanded to find out whether the special services interfered in his election campaign.

US Department of Justice will check if the political motivation was the FBI investigation of the Russian intervention in the presidential election in 2016, reported in the department.

The representative of the Ministry of Justice Sarah Isgur said that the department asked the inspector general to determine whether there were any violations in how the FBI conducted its investigation against those suspected of having contacts with “Russian agents.”

The Ministry of Justice issued this statement after the demands of US President Donald Trump to find out whether the FBI interfered in his election campaign

“I demand and tomorrow release an official statement that the Justice Ministry will check whether the FBI intervened or whether it was following my election campaign for political purposes. Or, if the administration of Barack Obama has put forward such proposals or requests [FBI]. “

As previously reported by Intercept, the secret informer of the FBI was former CIA agent Stefan Halper. The publication came to this conclusion on the basis of the analysis of publications about the “secret informant”, whose name was not disclosed at the request of the FBI.

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