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The prize fund The International 2018 on Dota 2 exceeded $ 10 million

Valve is going to break the prize fund record for its main Dota 2 tournament and collect $ 30 million from the players. And while the fees go ahead of schedule compared to last year’s dynamics of replenishment of the prize money. On the 13th day of fees, the fund is already $ 10 million, whereas a year earlier at this stage it was $ 9.2 million.

The collection starts with $ 1.6 million, which developers start from the start. The remaining revenues are deductions from the sale of the Combat Pass. 75% Valve picks up, and the remaining quarter drips into the fund The International.

The International 2018 will be held from 15 to 25 August in Vancouver, Canada. Four teams already guaranteed their participation in the tournament:, Team Liquid, Team Secret and PSG.LGD.

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