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The plane was depressurized at an altitude of 10 kilometers and landed successfully in Volgograd

Airbus A321 Antalya – Chelyabinsk tonight took an emergency seat in Volgograd.

Airbus A321

“The plane flying from Antalya to Chelyabinsk, sat at 22:50 local time, the reason for landing – the depressurization of the cabin. Passengers, about 200 people, were stationed in terminal C and C-2. Families with children were accommodated in a hotel. The ambulance worked all night, the doctors provided psychological help, some of them jumped pressure. The tour operator “Koral Travel” organized meals “, – said the press-secretary of the airport of Volgograd Diana Bakulina.

Despite reports on the organization of food, passengers complained that their stay at the airport was not organized.

“I am the passenger of this flight, we are not given even a cooler with water, not to mention food, the airport management refuses to comment”

– said one of the passengers in social networks.

“I sit and walk away from the shock. Indeed landing was an emergency. First of all, it was scary for the children. Understanding what happened is not yet. The fact that it was depressurization – while rumors. Officially, no one said anything. According to local workers – they say that we were lucky that we landed. People simply have nowhere to sit down, and many children are in their arms. Sleeping where, someone on the swimming mattresses. ”

said another passenger.

It is expected that from Volgograd to Chelyabinsk the liner will arrive at 13:20 (11:20 Moscow time). At 15:00 (13:00 Moscow time) the plane will fly to Antalya, RIA Novosti reported .

According to the online scoreboard of the Ural airport, flight 8Q878 was due to fly to Turkey at 03:30 (01:30 Moscow time) on Monday. Now he is delayed until 13:45 (11:45 Moscow time).

Passengers awaiting departure from Chelyabinsk are accommodated in the hotel or go home.

Video from the aircraft after landing

The story of the passenger Airbus, who crashed in Volgograd

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