The most unusual smartphone today. Meet Red Hydrogen One

Over the past ten years, the number of potential “killer iPhone” has exceeded a couple of dozen. Cult apple smartphone from year to year trying to “kill” Samsung, Google and the Chinese, led by Xiaomi.

In turn, another company that has a serious arsenal, capable of inflicting a “mortal wound” on the famous smartphone. We are talking about the company RED and its holographic smartphone Red Hydrogen One, which promises to surprise the mobile market.

Western journalists managed to touch the future novelty. We will tell you about their impressions, as well as about the company RED. Camera, motor, started!

Company RED – the new hero of Hollywood

About RED cameras, readers who are a little interested in movies, for sure, have repeatedly heard. Founded in California at the end of last century, the company over the past decade has revolutionized the digital camera market.

The main advantages of RED products are shooting in RAW (firm format R3D) in 4K or even 8K, incredible modularity of the system and low price.

In RED cameras, the recording of color (RGB) and brightness signals (YUV) occurs in the 4: 4: 4 saturation sub-sampling standard, which allows you to maintain brightness and color for each pixel. Conventional digital cameras retain only brightness characteristics, and color difference signals for neighboring points are assumed to be identical and approximated. In other words, the possibility of post-processing the received video here at the highest level.

The modularity of the system is almost limitless. You can select the recording format, media, outputs and inputs, add full-size XLR and DIGITAL AUDIO IN, increase battery life and install PL-mount, RED Electronic Mount (or even Canon or Nikon).

Now the production of the company is used by almost all the directors of Hollywood. On the official website of the company is constantly updated with a list of pictures that were shot on RED cameras.

Thus, for example, they removed the prequel of the movie trilogy “The Lord of the Rings”, the film ” The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey “, the new sequel to the adventures of Ethan Hunt’s ” Mission Impossible: Consequences “, expected by many comics ” Venom ” and adored by the majority of fantasy fans ” 9th District “. Serious list, is not it?

Not convinced? James Cameron for filming the continuation of “Avatar” bought as many as 50 cameras RED Epic-M!

RED will revolutionize the world of smartphones?


Last week at a special event “RED Pioneers” journalists were shown a future novelty. After that, many called Red Hydrogen One – the most ambitious smartphone in recent years.

First impressions of the smartphone are twofold. Dimensions of Red Hydrogen One exceed the iPhone 8 Plus (!). The smartphone itself is made in industrial design with metal edging.

The characteristics are quite ordinary: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, 5.7-inch display, USB-C connector, stereo speakers, a standard 3.5-mm audio jack and a battery with a capacity of 4500 mAh. The whole “beauty” of Red Hydrogen One is in new technologies.

Photos on the top level

The company claims that the smartphone will become the “foundation of the future multi-level media system”. Why such a loud statement?

On the back of the future smartphone are the contacts with which you can connect to the device various additional modules, including the lens mount.

Ok, we’ve all seen this in the Moto lineup , what’s the chip?

According to CEO Jim Jannard, the company wants to be able to attach any traditional large lenses to the smartphone. Amazing! Answering the question about their number, Jannard joked that support for the lenses would be “rather limited”.

The smartphone will “just” work with Fuji, Canon, Nikon, Leica and others.

Sounds incredibly cool! It’s not Moto with one single mod from Hasselblad. Here everything is much more interesting and promising!

The experience of the company in creating steep video cameras here will be of great importance. A smartphone can become a real bomb.

Revolutionary display

The main “fantastic” smartphone chip is the screen technology, which the company calls ” 4-view “. It will allow users to switch the 2560 x 1440 screen from the standard 2D to 3D to a “holographic” view. To show exactly how the display works, journalists are still forbidden.

The journalist Verge tried several special demonstrations of revolutionary screen technology.

One of them – a cycle of 3D-videos, when viewing which you could tilt your smartphone without losing the 3D effect. The technology worked adequately in both landscape and portrait modes.

Curiously, for Hydrogen One, RED plans to create a special streaming service to provide holographic content.

Another demonstration of technology is video chat, in which the faces of the interlocutors are displayed as a hologram in real time. To create a 3D effect, the front cameras of the two devices are used. This is not an animoji for you, the hologram in the chat is a completely different level. Something from fantastic films about the future.

According to Jim Jannard, RED is trying to do more than just combining two images to create a standard 3D. He tries to use the algorithm of mixing several angles from two lenses to create the corresponding effect.

Fairytale sound

Another feature of the smartphone company representatives called the “virtual effect of surround sound.” In the demonstration, the sound of the smartphone surprised with super-humor and a rich stereo separation of the speakers.

Those who managed to listen to Hydrogen One in headphones compared the effect to Dolby 5.1 . According to them, the smartphone made us believe that the sounds are coming from behind and even over the user.

A niche product or a great prospect?

According to journalist Verge Dieter Bona, the most compelling part of Hydrogen One is not the smartphone itself, but the “red” camera ecosystem. If the company makes the smartphone an integral part of the cinematographer’s set, it can have a successful niche product.

But, it seems, the potential of the future device is much greater. This is possible under three conditions:

  • If the camera Hydrogen One can seriously surpass the iPhone in terms of quality and possibilities for further processing of the photos and videos being shot.
  • If the system, as the company promises, will receive the support of many modern lenses of various brands.
  • If the holographic screen is really as good as the journalists describe.

For all photos and video enthusiasts, high-tech Hydrogen One can become an attractive purchase. Maybe in the future the smartphone will be able to easily replace the SLR. Why not?

RED has already become the dominant force in film and television production, although it began as an outsider. The next step is the conquest of the smartphone market?

Pre-order on the official website of the company can be done now. For a smartphone in an aluminum case asking for $ 1,295 , a titanium version costs $ 300 more.

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