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The first gaming 4K HDR-monitor with support for NVIDIA G-Sync was estimated at $ 2000

Poor gamers. For all they have to pay more than adequate prices. Here’s a new gamer monitor Acer Predator X27 with HDR, support for NVIDIA G-Sync and a frequency of 144 Hz will cost $ 2000 pre-order on a popular American site.

The first such monitors were demonstrated at CES 2017, but their output was delayed. Predator X27 uses a matte IPS panel with Quantum Dot technology from AU Optronics. The panel resolution is 3840 × 2160 pixels, and the refresh rate of the matrix is ​​144 Hz. The peak brightness of the model reaches 1000 nits, which is provided by the use of 384-zone illumination. Cyber-sportsmen can upset except that the response time is 4 ms (from gray to gray).

The monitor is equipped with sun blinds, the screen tilts from -5 to 25 degrees, rotates within -20 to 20 degrees.

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