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Tea nanoparticles destroy cancer cells. It was discovered by chance

Specialists of the University in Swansea (Great Britain) together with their Indian colleagues made a scientific discovery. They noticed that nanoparticles from tea leaves successfully fight cancer cells.

It turned out that nanoparticles can destroy up to 80% of lung cancer cells. It is interesting that scientists came to their discovery during another research – they were looking for a new way of producing quantum dots (one of the categories of nanoparticles).

Quantum dots can be extracted chemically, but this is difficult and expensive. Now it became clear that nanoparticles will be obtained using tea leaves. This method is cheaper and easier to manufacture.

As for the use of quantum dots for the treatment of oncology, it will not come soon: scientists talk about years of research.

Specialists noted that the survival rate for lung cancer is lower than in the case of other types of cancer. Less than 10% of patients live with this diagnosis for more than 5 years.

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