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RBC: “A straight line with Putin” was rehearsed in the boarding house at the presidential administration office

In the Moscow area boarding house, which is part of the presidential administration’s management complex, rehearsed the “Direct Line with Vladimir Putin.” About 100 guests from the regions participated in the briefing, each of whom pre-read his question. This is reported by RBC with reference to the participants of the direct line. Last Updated (12:30): The Kremlin confirmed thefact of meetings with the guests of the program, but refused to call the events rehearsals

According to the publication, representatives of the public gathered in the boarding house “Petrovo-Dalneye”, part of the health-improving complex “Rublevo-Uspensky”.

The building is located 20 kilometers from Moscow. The boarding house was told that there were no available rooms until June 16-17 due to “corporate events”.

According to one of the participants in the direct line, in the boarding house they were divided into several groups, each member of which read out his question. In the room were “girls from TV channels”, who “listened attentively to everyone and made some notes in the notebook”. The organizers did not propose their questions.

Guests were advised not to drink alcohol before the ether to avoid a hangover, and not drink a lot of water – the conference can last up to 4-5 hours. Participants were advised to give up clothes in a cage or strip, so that there was no ripples in the frame.

As RBC reminds, the direct line participants are instructed annually. However, in 2016 the organizers divided the guests into sections and, after the talks, selected dozens of people to communicate with the president. Some of them asked their questions, someone was asked to ask prepared by the organizers.

According to the interlocutors of the publication, the instruction is necessary first of all for inexperienced guests who do not know how to stick to the camera. The question helps reformulate, make it more foldable and less time-consuming, sometimes forcing it to say it several times.

Last Updated (12:30): The Kremlin confirmed the fact of meetings with the guests of the program before it was held. At the same time, calling them rehearsals would be “absurd,” said Dmitry Peskov, presidential spokesman.

Indeed, meetings are held with them in front of the line. Usual logistics organizational moments. But it’s absurd to call rehearsal.

This is not a briefing, it is an information meeting. People should know where they have come, how the transfer will take place.

Dmitry Peskov, Press Secretary of the President of Russia

According to Izvestia, Putin will personally select some of the questions that citizens sent him. According to the sources of the “Rain”, the organizers expect to hear a few replicas about the presidential election in 2018, but the head of state will avoid a direct answer to the question whether he will run.

The direct line will be held on June 15. The ether will be conducted by the First Channel, “Russia 1” and “Russia 24”.

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