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On the 2018 World Cup will be knocked down drones over the stadiums

The Ministry of Defense has ordered the creation of special mobile groups to protect against unmanned aerial vehicles of stadiums, which will host matches of the World Cup.

Similar groups of electronic warfare will be sent to 11 Russian cities. To eliminate drones and drones, special experimental development of Silok, Light-KU, R-934BMV Sinitsa and R-330R Zhitel will be used.

The control brigades will also receive 60 short-range portable arrays “Arbalet”. With their help, you can mute the radio signal and make the control of the drones impossible. In addition, the FSB announced plans to provide several new developments, the technical characteristics of which are not disclosed.

UAV is an effective way to deliver a couple of kilograms of TNT to the target. After which it can be completely successfully undermined.

Alexey Filatov, Vice-President of the International Anti-Terrorist Association “Alpha”

Thus, the FSB and the Ministry of Defense plan to suppress any terrorist threats and provocations.

The World Cup in Russia will be held from June 14 to July 15. On the occasion of the preparations for the event, a decree on enhanced security measures has already been issued. RBC ]

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