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NVIDIA has taught artificial intelligence to spy on people

NVIDIA has developed a method of teaching artificial intelligence, in which robots observe the actions of people to then “remember” the whole process. Robots that have passed a similar “course” will be able to work more efficiently and safely in production, adapting to the changing environment, explained in NVIDIA.

In addition, such robots can “get along” in the home environment. “In production, robots repeat the same movements, but do not adapt to the environment, if it changes, and do not learn how to perform new tasks, ” said the scientist of NVIDIA. Therefore, he said, it requires a call of a specialist who reprograms the system for an impressive amount.

The goal of NVIDIA is to create algorithms that will allow the machine to be configured for new tasks by a person who does not have specialized skills. The system uses neural networks to “perceive”, plan and control actions.

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