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Moscow schoolchildren will have a Russian smart clock

Participants of the capital project ” Active citizen ” supported the idea of ​​expanding modern useful gadgets for schoolchildren.

More than 36% of those surveyed believed that the devices with which students go to school should be more.

Based on the results of the parent survey “New devices for the” Visit and Nutrition “system, a new type of devices will be added to the standard maps – an improved bracelet” Moskvienok “.

Recall that silicone gadgets with a sealed-in digital chip for two years gradually began to be used in Moscow schools, where the “Passage and Nutrition” system was introduced.

This system , which operates in the schools of the capital since 2012, allows adults to track attendance, purchase of children and monitor the structure of their expenses.

The bracelets “Moskvienok” are made of hypoallergenic silicone with an aluminum clasp. The color palette includes 11 shades – from red and blue to pink and dark gray. They depict a small soviet – a symbol of the student’s electronic map. Each school will be able to complement the appearance of the bracelet with its own design.

Also in February 2018 the company ISBC announced the release of electronic bracelets, cards and charms “Moskvienok” combined with the transport application “Troika”.

Apparently, in the near future Moskvienok will turn into smart-watches and will receive the functions of a fitness bracelet for a schoolboy. Such a clock will tell parents how much time the child was in school, whether he walked, whether it was time to refill his account, and also to see if he sleeps at night.

When such gadgets for schoolchildren appear in other regions of Russia is not reported.

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