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Microsoft bought a startup for developing AI for natural communication

Microsoft announced the acquisition of Semantic Machines – a startup from Berkeley, which is developing in the field of artificial intelligence. The main focus of the company is to teach AI more usual conversation, as if the user was communicating with a living person.

Semantic Machines makes artificial intelligence for chatbots. The company was founded in 2014 and received about $ 20.9 million in total. The startups invested in General Catalyst and Bain Capital Ventures. Semantic Machines is confident that their artificial intelligence will not only more accurately answer and predict user questions, but also create a natural dialogue between the system and the user.

The new AI will most likely appear in Microsoft products that use artificial intelligence, Azure Bot Service, and virtual assistants Cortana and Xiaolce.

As is usually the case in such cases, the transaction amount is not disclosed.

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