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Maduro reelected in presidential elections in Venezuela

The opposition boycotted the elections and refused to recognize their results.


The current president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, won the election of the head of state. As a result of counting more than 90% of the voters’ ballots, 5.8 million people (67.7%) out of 6.8 million voted for him.

The opposition boycotted the elections, because of which the turnout for them was only 46.1%. In the 2013 elections, it was 80%. Opponent Maduro Henry Falcon refused to recognize the election as legitimate. He said massive violations in the elections in favor of Maduro, including the placement of nearly 13,000 pro-government stands near the polling stations.

Nicholas Maduro has been in power since 2013. In April 2013, he defeated Enrique Capriles, gaining 1.5% more votes. Capriles did not recognize the results of the elections.

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