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Instructions: How to buy a ticket for the 2018 FIFA World Cup

How much is it, how to pay and where to go – the answers to the main questions.

Friendly match between Russia and Argentina in Luzhniki Stadium. Photo by Alexey Filippov, RIA Novosti

We updated the material on April 18, 2018.

April 18 at 12:00 pm Moscow time, the last stage of ticket sales to the World Cup: the tickets on the FIFA website are distributed on a first- come-first-served basis , so the sooner you apply, the more opportunities to purchase them.

Officially, you can buy a ticket only on the FIFA website .

How to sell tickets in the first stages

Until October 12, it was possible to participate in the first draw of tickets. The winners were chosen randomly. The majority of those who wish “flew” past this stage: although applications were submitted for 3.5 million tickets, FIFA distributed only 622,000 of them.

From November 16 to 28, residents of Russia and other countries for the first time could buy a ticket on a first-come first-serve basis. Already in the first minutes there was an agiotage, therefore for the first day FIFA sold 98% of the quota available at this stage – it is about 160 thousand tickets.

From December 5, 2017 to January 31, 2018 it was possible to participate in the second draw. During this period, the fans asked for more than 4.9 million tickets. Since the demand was extremely high, and the quota was several times smaller, FIFA distributed tickets at random. Those who were lucky should have sent out not later than the middle of March. In total, FIFA has sold more than 1.6 million tickets .

What exactly will be at the last stage

Since April 18, FIFA has sold those tickets that remained after the first stages of sales. Tickets of all categories are available, including the fourth – the cheapest. To tickets, which no one has yet purchased, are added those that no one has paid for in the previous stages. Also, FIFA has allowed resell tickets through its platform.

FIFA recommends buying tickets at the very beginning of the sales phase, but, probably, the organizers thus only fuel demand. Availability is shown in color – red, yellow or green, but no one knows the criteria for their appearance.

On April 18 at 14:00 local time ticket centers will be opened in the cities-organizers . While they can get tickets purchased on the site, but from May 1 there will be available for purchase of new tickets.

What about the results of the draw

Together with the distribution of teams it became clear who will play with whom at the playoff stage. On the website for fans there is a full grid of the tournament, which will help when buying tickets.

If Russia withdraws from group A, then in the 1/8 finals, she will meet with someone from group B: A1 – B2, A2 – B1. Infographics
If Russia withdraws from group A, then in the 1/8 finals, she will meet with someone from group B: A1 – B2, A2 – B1. Infographics

The calendar of matches is convenient for drawing up plans, for example, in case of crossings between cities.


How much are tickets and can I buy the cheapest

In total there are four categories of tickets – they differ in cost and distance from place to edge of the field. The most expensive is the first, the cheapest – this is the fourth. The latter is intended only for residents of Russia – citizens of the Russian Federation and foreigners permanently residing here.

While the buyer chooses a place, he sees the scheme of each of the stadiums. They can be read in advance on the FIFA website.

From November 16 to 28 it was possible to buy tickets only for the first, second and third categories of tickets. The fourth category, at 1,280 rubles per ticket for the group stage, is available for applications from December 5.

The cost of tickets in rubles. Infographics

The cost of tickets in rubles. Infographics

You can buy a package of tickets for a certain stadium. This option is most suitable for those who are not going to leave their city during the World Cup 2018.

Also available is a fixed package of tickets for a certain team – from three matches to seven (this is the maximum number of games of one team in the championship). If the selected team flies before the finals, the money will not be lost: just now the “chosen” team will be the one that went on.

What to do in advance

  • You need to create an account on the FIFA website – using mail, a profile on Facebook or Google+;
  • It is necessary to prepare passport data and a postal address with an index, because each ticket is registered. If you buy tickets not only for yourself, but also for your satellites (“guests” can then be changed), you will need to provide similar information about them;
  • You should put the necessary amount on the card or bank account. When you sell tickets in the live queue, the application is considered instantly;
  • It is necessary to decide how it is more convenient to pay – from the card or by bank transfer. This will be asked to indicate in the application.

Can I buy a lot of tickets

The customer has the right to purchase a maximum of four tickets for one match (he and three guests) and visit no more than seven games for the entire championship. That is, one person can buy a maximum of 28 tickets.

One day you can visit only one match. It is forbidden to submit several applications for the same game at once.

Personal details of the customer and his guests can then be changed in a personal account on the FIFA website. Thus, a guest ticket is allowed to be transferred to another person, for example, a friend or relative. The customer can not give his ticket.

What is the main trick in paying

Money should be prepared in advance. When buying with a bank card in the mode of the live queue, the ticket price will be charged almost immediately after the registration of the application. If you win by draw, after the winning bid.

The resident of Russia will be able to pay for the ticket only with the help of VISA and “Mir” cards, as well as by bank transfer. Foreigners also have access to payment through MasterCard.

If you choose to pay by bank transfer, you will receive seven days for payment. Translation on average takes about 2-3 days and is included in the specified period. After receiving the payment, FIFA will send a confirmation letter (save this document).

According to the rules, the name of the main ticket customer and the name on the bank card must match. Anyone who makes a purchase with the help of another person’s card (for example, a relative or friend) risks running into a fine of 20% of the ticket price.

Do I need a fan’s passport before buying?

To buy tickets, a fan passport (FAN ID) is not required. He along with the ticket will need to pass to the match and free use of public transport on the days of the game.

After the tickets are issued, the fan should go to a special site and register. Needed, including the actual photo. You can get the document by mail or in the issuance center – there are such in all the cities-organizers.

What if I want to go to soccer with my family

The ticket price does not depend on the age of the child. For example, a ticket for a three-year and a 30-year-old will cost the same amount. A ticket for a child is a separate place, as for all other viewers.

If the child does not yet have a passport, then it is necessary to enter the data of his birth certificate – it also certifies the person.

With free travel between cities

As during the Confederations Cup, during the World Cup 2018 every spectator will be able to ride free by train to the venue of the match. For the fans will be allocated special additional trains.

It will take a fan’s passport and ticket. It is necessary to register on a special site,enter the data, then choose the route and place. So far, there have been few flights and, mainly, only from Moscow. The final schedule will appear on 15 December.

When can I get tickets

The courier will deliver tickets free of charge in April-May 2018. Those who made the purchase after April 3, will have to pick up tickets in the ticket centers of the host cities (the addresses will be known later).

Themselves need to collect tickets for possible matches of a certain team and ticket packages for any of the matches from 1/8 finals to the finals. The reason is simple: the teams participating in each match will be determined after the start of the tournament.

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