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How to set a reminder for a long time watching YouTube

Every day, YouTube users upload more and more content to the network, and the platform itself actively studies the behavior of viewers and quite accurately offers clips on the topic of interest.

So you can easily get stuck with the iPhone for half a day, forgetting about work and important matters. Understanding this, the creators of the official YouTube client offer a built-in monitoring system for the time spent watching.

Now you can set the desired time interval and the program will remind you to interrupt after the specified time has elapsed.

How to setup


1. First, check the version of the installed application on the iPhone (the iPad does not work yet). To do this, go to the settings of the application and scroll down.

The chip with a reminder appeared from version 13.18 . If you have an older version, update the program.

2. Now go to the Profile icon – Settings menu and enable the option Remind me to rest .

3. Select the appropriate time interval. You can choose from 15, 30, 60, 90 or 180 minutes .

After the set playback time has elapsed, playback will stop and the following message will appear on the screen:


You can reject it or go to the application settings.

The chip has its own characteristics:

  • The option works only for iOS and Android;
  • the timer does not work in the web interface;
  • time counts only when watching online videos;
  • When viewing offline or when broadcasting via AirPlay, the timer does not start;
  • pause the video stops the timer;
  • Ending the application, changing the account and pausing the view for more than 30 minutes reset the timer.

So you can easily get distracted into a break or interrupt between doing things to view the videos and not worry that you’ll get stuck behind watching for the whole day.

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