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BBC: on the “straight line” with Putin there will be no viewers for the first time in 10 years

The president plans to concentrate as much as possible on the issues of viewers.

"Direct Line" of Vladimir Putin in 2017. Frame from the First Channel air
“Direct Line” of Vladimir Putin in 2017. Frame from the First Channel air

The “straight line” with Vladimir Putin for the first time in ten years will pass without spectators in the studio. The BBC was told about it on condition of anonymity by two organizers of the broadcast and confirmed the source close to the presidential administration.

Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of the president, has not yet named the date of the next “Direct Line”, telling TASS that the corresponding message will be distributed “when the time comes.” According to the BBC, it will be June 7th.

According to the publication, the decision not to invite the audience was taken so that the president maximally focused on the issues of viewers. The interlocutor of the BBC, familiar with the process of preparing the conference, said that in 2018 questions to the president will be displayed on the screens in the studio. It will be arranged in the Gostiny Dvor, as in previous years.

The source also drew attention to the increased secrecy of the organization of the ether in comparison with the previous “straight lines”. He linked it with other possible innovations, but did not specify what.

As the BBC noted, “live broadcasts” with the president are pre-arranged. In 2016, the participants of the program told that rehearsals are conducted with those who are selected for questions. In 2017, RBC reported that the “Direct Line” was rehearsed in the boarding house under the administration of the president’s affairs. The Kremlin confirmed the meetings with the participants of the event, but refused to call it a rehearsal.

Participants of the programs of the past years told that this year they were not invited to ask questions to Putin. Entrepreneur Dmitry Potapenko said that the organizers are beginning to invite about two months before the transfer, “but it happens and is shorter.” According to him, participants can be invited “as a free crowd” at the last minute. State Duma deputy from “Fair Russia” Galina Khovanskaya, who asked Putin a question in 2017, did not receive a new invitation, although a year ago she was invited in advance.

The “direct line” with Putin in 2018 will be held for the 17th time. In 2017, it was held on June 15.

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