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“B”: Roskomnadzor blocks 80 VPN services and a proxy for providing access to Telegram

Some services stopped giving the opportunity to use the messenger and unblocked them.

Roskomnadzor restricts access to 80 VPN and proxy services that were specifically created to provide access to Telegram. This was reported to Kommersant in the press service of the department.

In Roskomnadzor added that another 10 services were unblocked, as they stopped giving the opportunity to bypass the lock of the messenger. The names of the services and the exact terms of their blocking in the department are not specified.

At the same time, the blocking of Telegram resulted in a sharp increase in the popularity of VPN services. According to Kommersant, for some, the growth in the number of paid subscriptions “has reached 1000% per month”. Russian IT companies began to buy servers abroad to organize VPNs for their needs.

Providers began to block Telegram on April 16 because of the service’s failure to transfer the encryption keys to the FSB to access the users’ correspondence. On the same day, Roskomnadzor blocked 655,532 IP addresses of Amazon and about a million Google addresses, explaining that companies allow Telegram to use their addresses to bypass locks in Russia. In April Roskomnadzor unblocked more than 3 million IP-addresses of Amazon.

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