Why Apple will kill the iPhone X in the fall, and you will be happy

The iPhone update cycle is easier to predict than the ruble exchange rate. This is normal.

I’m not offended that my iPhone X will not be needed by anyone in six months. But never before Apple’s flagship has become obsolete in such a short time:

iPhone X will be removed from production right after the presentation of new iPhone

And this is normal, if instead of “tens” Apple will release such an iPhone, which I’ll talk about below.

Was not this before?

A similar situation really happened with the iPhone 5 . This iPhone was discontinued in 2013 as soon as iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c came out.

Then there were two logical reasons for this.

First, the iPhone 5 was an unpleasant problem. He had an initially defective loop of thescreen lock button – and so he often refused long before the end of the warranty. Almost all the familiar owners of the “five” went through it. It’s strange that the official replacement program was not opened for the plume.

And secondly, the iPhone 5 did not make sense when its place was taken by iPhone 5c . Yes, the same, supposedly folk, from plastic. Its hardware was almost one-to-one corresponding to iPhone 5, but the modem was additionally improved – and therefore iPhone 5c worked in Russian LTE networks .

It would be foolish to keep two identical smartphones on the market if the “budget” version is objectively better than the previous flagship.

iPhone 5 was withdrawn from sale approximately 350 days after the start of sales.

With the iPhone X, the story is supposed to repeat itself, but it will be removed much earlier. Sales started in November 2017, and the new generation of iPhones and the refusal of the current one are promised to us in September 2018.

Why does Apple want to get rid of the iPhone X so quickly?

Maybe the company knows something and therefore wants to quickly get rid of X ?

For example, is afraid of burnout OLED . We all took for granted the superiority of Apple displays over the other flagships of the market. But that does not mean that the screen of the iPhone X will not burn out.

After one and a half to two years of regular use, owners will more often notice the traces of the interface on light backgrounds. Further – worse. And this is a non-guaranteed moment, which will not be recognized as a marriage.

I hope it’s wrong and we do not come to a situation where the flagship smartphones have to be changed strictly every two years to not tolerate the residual image. Another option seems more realistic.

According to analysts, this fall will appear at least 2 new iPhones: an improved version of the iPhone X in the same package and a large 6.1-inch iPhone with thin frames .

This new iPhone will again rebuild Apple’s line of smartphones – yes, like never before. If even half of the rumors about him is correct, then the instant rejection of sales of the iPhone X looks logical.

What’s so special about the 6.1-inch iPhone?

Let’s assume that this new big iPhone will be called the iPhone 9. Not the iPhone XI and not the iPhone XI Plus.

iPhone 9 will continue the idea of ​​the line Plus: a large case and a large screen for those who really need it. There are a lot of such people: for example, iPhone X does not really “go” in Asia precisely because of the small screen.

Everything goes to the fact that the iPhone 9 will have an LCD-display , not OLED, like the “dozens.” In the world of technology, this is considered a “downgrade”: there will not be a deep black color and fizzy like activation of the screen when touching the glass.

The reason is simple: greed .

Apple does not want to spend money on OLED when producing a 6.1-inch fancy-shaped screen. This is still an expensive pleasure, not to mention the amount of marriage. Do you remember how difficult it was for the Cupertino team to release the iPhone X display on an industrial scale? Tim Cook is not yet ready to repeat this headache and decided to leave it for the next year.

Another iPhone 9 can stuff a one-year-old iron from the iPhone X , in order to further increase the margin. And that, the processor there is still powerful. Why not pull a year or two and earn another 5-6 billion dollars?

If so, then these tricks pursue one goal.

Such an iPhone 9 really will replace the iPhone X

Due to the cheaper display, last year’s technology and the use of “chassis” from the iPhone 8, the new large version of iPhone will be cheaper than the iPhone X – that is, less than $ 1000 or 79 thousand rubles.

At the same time, it will be the iPhone X in a large package, and therefore even on the shelf of the store it will look more interesting than the “dozen”.

It turns out logically. iPhone 9 will replace the iPhone X, but it will be sold for the same money that is now worth the iPhone 8. That is, it takes a niche of the “basic” model. And the iPhone XI can still be sold for $ 1,000 or more.

When you go to the store, you will choose between a large, but slightly outdated smartphone – and a small, but a flagship. A bit strange choice, but one thing is obvious: it does not fit the iPhone X.

It’s a pity.

So, dear iPhone owners, put timers. Days of the tenth ayfon are numbered, and nobody will miss it. Interestingly, many who change their X on a big iPhone 9 just because of the large display? There are already queues.

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