What you need to know about the disgusting MacBook Pro keyboard

I did not think that someday I would write this, but the keyboard of the latest MacBook Pro is a complete garbage .

I already have an ideal laptop – Air 2015. It is very convenient, still works very well, and my wife has also laid eyes on him. Therefore, a couple of days ago I traveled around the local electronics stores with the goal of touching a new “bug”.

Has felt. And, it seems, I will wait .

A new type of keyboard does not inspire confidence at all. Google suggested that my doubts are not in vain, and the problem is a hundred years at lunch. Strangely different, I do not see any real Apple moves toward solving this problem.

Our authors have repeatedly expressed their opinion about the new keyboard. Here, I was not too lazy, I collected everything in one place.

1. The keyboard knocks like a drum

The first bell sounded a month after the presentation. The reproaches to the new laptop fell from all sides, remembered, among other things, the eerie clatter of the keys. As usual, the hype was raised on Twitter, but such a subjective claim did not lead to anything.

2. Perhaps it’s a matter of habit

One month later, the real experience of using one of our authors, Yura Andreeva , arrived . There problems were in bulk, no wonder that the knocking keyboard was not taken into account, as the most insignificant. Yura still does not know that he got a defective model .

3. But no, the sound is unbearable

To admit, I also thought that the problem with the sound of the keys sucked from the finger. But after the cry of the soul from Mikka, went to test buttons in the field. Really knocks, even at my snail’s speed. It’s terrible to imagine what happens around a journalist who writes on such a “typewriter”.

4. The keyboard is clogged in two counts

The next generation MacBook Pro got exactly the same keyboard, with all the shortcomings and sores. As it turned out, there is one jamb in it , which remains, even if you discard the entire subjectivity.

The keyboard is quickly jammed with garbage. And the problem is observed not only among fans of sandwiches and cookies, even the accumulated dust can hinder the keys.

5. This leads to sad consequences

A clogged keyboard can behave as she pleases . Due to the same dust, uncharacteristic clicks and creaks may appear, plus the keys can be pressed on their own. Honestly, did anyone imagine that such a trivial problem can touch the perfect MacBook Pro?

6. This keyboard breaks down twice

As a result, the number of calls to the service centers for the repair of the MacBook keyboard has doubled compared to the previous model. But laptops are now thin and beautiful. And a certain proportion of these calls do not fall under the guarantee. The keyboard changes with the topcase, so if somewhere in the corner of the case there is a small dent – for repairs you have to pay.

7. This does not suit users

What usually ends dissatisfaction on the Internet? That’s right, a petition. Users insist that the MacBook Pro keyboard is a very unreliable tool, which is unacceptable in a laptop of this level. The creators of the petition do not ask to change the broken keyboard “probyk” new. Replacement should be performed on a different type of keyboard.

8. It’s very difficult to fix it yourself.

Our people do not condone petitions. It broke – repair. But with the MacBook Pro keyboard is not so simple. Only the ninja from iFixit button itself pops up. But Mikk tried to replace thestuck key and eventually broke the whole mechanism. In the service you will change one button for 1000-1500 rubles, but not the fact that it coincides with the rest.

What to do about it?


But not with a cloth / stick, but with compressed air . For a long time special cylinders are sold, but there is a simpler way – to buy a usual syringe in the pharmacy and blow out all the garbage from under the buttons. Our authors have told about this process, here’s an article from the St. George Roma, and that’s Kolya Gritsaenko.

The procedure is simple, but it will have to be repeated every two to three weeks. It is clear that the MacBook needs care, only I wipe my Air every six months with a napkin, and here it is necessary to arm with a rubber tool that people will not get.

We are waiting for new butterflies

How, most likely, Apple will solve this problem? Show us a new “butterfly”, the third generation . We have already seen a promising patent , which describes how the same mechanism is covered with a special “skirt” of protective material. Such a membrane can prevent not only getting small debris, but also liquid.

I’m sure that the new keyboards will not fit the past MacBook Pro. After all, laptops are updated every five years, how else to get the user to buy a new model?

It is a pity that at the moment there are no alternatives. MacBook with normal buttons stopped doing in 2015. Do not take the same old model.

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