These are dangerous applications for Mac. Bypass the side

Not all programs for Mac are equally useful. Even if the developers claim that without their offspring you do not have a life. We tell that you should not install it in any way.

Any applications for mining

Even if you have the most powerful iMac Pro in the world, which in Russia costs from 380 thousand rubles, do not try to mend it. First, pay more for electricity. Secondly, mining leads to premature wear and tear on equipment. And iMac – not “VAZ 2101” with a penny spare parts.

The most popular miners for Mac:

  • Minergate
  • MultiMiner
  • RPC Miner

What to do if your computer is captured by miners

Some users know the sense in perversion of installing a virtual machine on Windows with Windows and using it on Windows with the help of Windows applications. There are many more. But there is not much sense from such programs, besides, the virtual machine itself selects a part of the resources.

MacKeeper, which steals data (and not only)

At one time, MacKeeper advertising was everywhere. The developers promised to speed up your Mas literally for pennies and save all the extra money especially .

And really: as soon as you install MacKeeper on your computer, it starts scanning. And he finds dozens of problems that need to be addressed urgently – vulnerabilities, viruses, gigabytes of garbage …

But in reality MacKeeper does not help much. Moreover: the program steals personal data of users. Security expert Chris Vickery in 2015 found on the Internet a database with logins, password hashes, license numbers and IP addresses of 13 million MacKeeper users.

The vulnerability was eliminated. But it turned out that MacKeeper stored data on a public server.

Do you really want to keep a Mac program from developers who do not care about your security?

In addition, MacKeeper slows down the system and offers unnecessary tools. It also duplicates the functionality of the built-in and free programs – the same FileVault for disk encryption.

Different toolbars that clutter the screen

Applications, in the title of which is the word Toolbar, are designed to organize shortcuts and folders on the desktop, making the interface more convenient and easier. But kamon, macOS and so it’s more convenient!

Above it, the best UI / UX designers work, the user interface is improved for years, every pixel is in its place.

Just get rid of the trash on your desktop. And there is no need for any third-party toolbars. Native enough.

Bars for the browser – also in the furnace. Remember when and how many times you actually used them.

CCleaner and other clinics that are unsafe

Another group of candidates to exit. Do you have a little space on the Mac? Remove all unnecessary from the list of applications, as well as movies that looked, gigabytes of the same photo and other trash.

This requires a brain and hands, no program will automatically solve such a problem.

In addition, there are regular news reports that CCleaner is infected with a virus and steals user data. Here, for example, the report of security personnel from Cisco Talos.

The developers confirmed that there really was a virus in the CCleaner version. They were infected by 3% of users. 2.27 million people, for a minute.

PS Even your favorite apps can devour resources

Go to “System Monitoring” (the easiest way to find it through Spotlight), go to the “Memory” tab and sort the processes by the amount of memory that they use. Look at which applications consume too much, and think about whether to part with them.

Click the “Processor” tab. We are sure, and there you will find many interesting things.

Of course, Safari or Chrome will be the leader of both lists, but they will not be able to part with them. But messengers, background utilities and so on can be turned off, if not removed.

By the way, some applications divide activity into several processes. Include sorting by name and count how much the same Slack is eating with Slack Hepler. The results will not please …

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