The tests are completed. Chinese “Black Tornado” ready for export supplies

The Chinese attack helicopter Harbin Z-19E successfully passed a series of combat tests. Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing, a part of AVIC corporation, has completed 40-day combat testing of the “Black Tornado”, “Warspot” reports with reference to the portal

Exactly one year ago in the city of Harbin (Heilongjiang province) in the territory of Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing factory the first flight tests of the combat vehicle Harbin Z-19E, which received the unofficial nickname “Black Tornado”, took place. Now the helicopter has passed the whole test cycle and is ready for export deliveries. AVIC Corporation indicates that during the testing, the operation of the combat system and all types of weapons, including an automatic cannon, was tested, and launches of guided and unguided missiles were conducted.

The helicopter Harbin Z-19 made its first flight in 2010, and two years later entered the arsenal of the Chinese army. The variant Harbin Z-19E appeared in 2015 and was originally intended for deliveries abroad.

The Z-19E is slightly lighter than the base model: its maximum take-off weight is 4250 kg vs. 4,500 kg for the Z-19. Specialists of Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing state that they managed to make the car as light as possible without weakening armor and combat capabilities, while speed and maneuverability “Black Tornado” surpasses many helicopters in its class.

The helicopter was designed for offensive operations and fighting enemy armored vehicles. The Z-19E has a tandem armored cockpit and an armament complex of air-to-surface and air-to-air classes. The export modification of the helicopter has received a number of improvements, which makes it more silent and safe for piloting in real combat situations. According to the developers, Z-19E fully meets all international standards.

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