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The story of how the Swedish monarch was deprived of the throne because of the 14 buns

Swedish King Adolf Frederick, who died of overeating.

As you know, kings can do everything, but only to marry for love is not in their power. True, there is something else that they can not do. There was a case in history when the king could not eat 14 favorite rolls. More precisely, he swallowed them for dessert after a hearty dinner, that’s only paid for it – life.


Portrait of Adolf Frederick.

Swedish King Adolf Frederic went down in history not with his achievements and conquests, but with an absurd death. He died on February 12, 1771 from … overeating. Luxury table for the king covered not just so, but on the occasion of the breakdown after Lent. In fettisdag (Swedish analogue of our Maslenitsa) the poor man ate lunch soup, lobsters and caviar, smoked herring and sauerkraut, at the same time he drank all this with an impressive amount of champagne, and ordered 14 traditional Swedish rolls called dumplings for dessert.

One by one he sent them into his mouth, but after that he felt ill and retired from the table. At first, his stomach ached, and the outcome was lethal. Adolf Frederick went down in history as the only king who died in such an unusual way.

Balthasar Denner: Konung Adolf Fredrik.
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Adolf Frederick.

Buns of the seed can now be found in any bakery in Sweden. They are filled with a cream of a mixture of milk and almond paste, and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Previously, they were served in a cup of warm milk (this is how Adolf Frederick ate them), now you can order a “dry” bun.


Semla is a traditional Swedish bun with cream.

The Swedes regard Adolf Frederic respectfully: during his rule there were no wars, laws were adopted that expanded the rights and freedoms of the media. The king was by nature kind, some accused him of indecision.


Portrait of the King of Sweden Adolf Frederick.


Sweet-toothed Adolf Frederick.

It is interesting that Adolf Frederick was not the heir to the throne. After the victory of Russia in the Russian-Swedish war, the Abo world was concluded, under the conditions of which the Empress Elizabeth Petrovna insisted that Adolf Frederic, who at that time was the prince-bishop, entered the Swedish throne. The calculation was that in the future he would stick to pro-Russian views in politics, but this did not happen.


Grave of Adolf Frederick.
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