The Chinese showed a smartphone with a battery for 10 000 mAh

Oukitel is already known in the Asian market as a manufacturer of powerful but inexpensive smartphones. However, now in its immediate plans is the release of the device, which should exceed all existing on the market long-playing smartphones: the capacity of the battery in the novelty will be 10 000 mAh.

Naturally, the first question concerning this apparatus will concern its thickness. To console the interested, Oukitel published a photo of the prototype smartphone (or rather, its layout). Call the thickness of his body “average” will not work, but, as it turned out, everything is not so bad. The Chinese manufacturer does not give an exact figure, but the approximate thickness is unlikely to exceed the 12-13 mm mark.

As Oukitel notes, the battery capacity of the novelty will be enough to forget about recharging for a week or more under normal use. In addition to battery capacity, the smartphone only knows that it will be controlled by the operating system Android 5.1. If the process of developing a smartphone with a battery for 10 000 mAh will go without problems, then its release should take place after a couple of months.

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