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Starbucks allowed to use the toilet without shopping after a racist scandal

In April, black visitors were expelled from the cafe, who did not buy anything and tried to enter the toilet.

Starbucks announced a new policy for the company: visitors can go to any coffee shop for free to sit or use the toilet. According to The Associated Press, the company changed the rules a month after the racist scandal.

The Starbucks management noted that they treat all visitors with the same respect, regardless of whether they bought something or not. The rules contained “ambiguous” instructions, which were now concretized. At the same time, coffee shop employees can contact the police if one of the visitors is a danger.

Changes in the policy of Starbucks occurred a month after the company got into a racist scandal. In April, two black-skinned visitors were arrested at a coffee shop in Philadelphia, as one of them tried to go to the toilet without making purchases. The manager called the police after the men refused to leave the cafe, as they agreed to meet there. They spent several hours under arrest without charge.

After Starbucks was accused of racism and contempt for customers, the CEO of the company came to Philadelphia to apologize to the visitors. According to themedia, the men agreed not to file coffee for the network of coffee shops in exchange for paying tuition at the university and an unknown amount of compensation.

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