Scammers massively steal Apple ID. Do not fall

Recently, we receive many letters and addresses from readers with a similar history. Scammers are trying to find out the credentials of Apple ID in a new way.

How the divorce occurs

Scammers massively send out letters with a warning about the imminent withdrawal of funds from the user’s account.

Reasons for writing off come up with a wide variety. Some are warned of a paid subscription to YouTube Red, others are talking about the Premium account Spotify or Netflix, the third threat is to write off money for purchases in PUBG.

In order for the victim to act faster, the time for writing off is set as close as possible to the date the message was sent. Often a letter comes an hour before the alleged withdrawal of money from the account.

This indicates a fairly impressive amount, like $ 149 or $ 199 . Agree, to lose a few thousand rubles from a map tied to the App Store for a service you do not use is very disappointing.

To cancel the subscription as soon as possible, please click on the link.

Of course, behind it lies a fake page, which is made for a copy of the company’s Apple website. The only purpose of this “stub” is to lure out the Apple ID and password of trusting users.

Be careful, everything is obvious

If you received such a letter, do not rush to click on the links and leave your data to scammers. Incorporating logic and common sense, you will immediately understand that this is a banal divorce.

1. First, remember if you ever subscribed to similar services.

Subscription to Netflix, YouTube Red or Spotify is simply not going anywhere. Most likely, the first time you hear about this service and do not even have such applications on the iPhone or iPad.

2. Apple never notifies users about a subscription charge.

The company simply writes off the funds from the account, and if they are not enough, it suspends the subscription. Imagine how much unnecessary spam will be received by the average user who uses several services with a monthly subscription.

3. Apple representatives never ask for confidential information.

Employees of the company do not ask to specify or enter credentials, they do not have the right to demand confidential information when talking or in correspondence. If someone who claims to be an Apple employee wants to find out the account password, credit card number, mother’s maiden name and the like, immediately stop talking.

4. These services do not have such prices.

Typically, these subscriptions cost the user about $ 10 monthly. If the scammers indicated such amounts in fake letters, they would be attracted by far fewer users.

For more effective fraud indicate the amount far exceeding the usual subscription rates.

5. Pay attention to the addresses of sites and e-mail.

Scammers recently do not even try to get similar to the original domain or register a very similar post. At best, the words “apple” or “iphone” will be added to the address, but otherwise it will be a chaotic set of words and symbols.

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