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Saratovtsi will climb into road pits in order to draw the attention of the public and authorities to bad roads

A resident of Saratov Leonid Khobotovsky on May 16 took photographs on the Volga embankment standing in a pit, and marked them on his page . He was supported by several other local residents, media and public in Vkontakte.

In the pictures, the young man almost completely disappears into the cracks that appeared in the asphalt, only the head, shoulders and hands are visible above the ground. The photos were widely dispersed in local and federal public places in Vkontakte, as well as in urban media.

The message of Leonid was also supported by other residents of the city. “Could not resist.” Chernyshevsky opposite Sargres. “- wrote in his post Maxim Frolov

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