Review of the original cover for the iPhone X. There are pros and cons

There is a special caste among iPhone owners. She does not recognize any covers, other than the original ones. I do not treat them, but I understand.

Together with the iPhone X I bought an original leather case of purple . The case was on November 3rd . Since then I shot it several times. But not longer than a couple of days. Always brought back.

Many wonder how the leather case of Apple looks after four months of active use. It’s time to show and share your findings.

Stop, why buy Apple cases for 4 thousand rubles?

Yes, you can buy a cover for iPhone X now for 75 rubles. But to buy a good cover is priceless .

In the shops lie hundreds of covers for each iPhone model. Many look good, but are made horribly. Or they are made well, but they look disgusting. Can even scratch the case. Or it is bad to protect it.

It’s no surprise that many people prefer this chaos to the predictably high-quality Apple cases for the iPhone. Whether silicone or leather, they are really better than 90% of others .

Two years ago I wrote that I could not like the silicone versions of the original cases – they attract dust too much and start to “stick” with time. Leather, too, are not ideal, but purely tactile remain much more pleasant, even when they are tortured lives.

So that’s it.

Based on experience, I seriously recommend to spend on the original leather case for the iPhone X. Below are my 7 impressions, which will prompt what to expect from it after six months.

1. The color has darkened. It’s good that I did not take light

Apple honestly warns that the leather cases will darken over time. This is normal.

When I bought my cover, it was purple. Not very bright, but definitely purple, and it was noticeable. Now it is rather blue, and in general it is black.

Is it bad? Never. Purple color in the leather version of the cover is the most interesting, suitable for both men and girls. Even darkened, he looks better all the time black. The test by time this color survives perfectly.

At the same time, Apple’s bright leather covers will eventually look worse and worse. I met people who do not care that their red cover turned into burgundy-black around the edges. Some even like it. They say that the brown version looks much better in the “tortured” form.

But the fact remains: dark cases retain their appearance better than light ones. Keep this in mind before buying.

2. It is all scratched, but they “disappear”

I’m pleasantly surprised at how the skin is going through scratches.

On the one hand, Apple’s leather case is simply not scratchable. Even short man’s nails leave a loose deep trail, it’s worth to accidentally hold them on the back panel. Jeweler, like the rings, facets of the macbook and other sharp objects will be remembered for a long time.

On the other hand, the cover itself gets rid of scratches .

A week after the appearance of a scratch, you most likely will not find it. It simply zatrytsya, will be practically (or completely) invisible.

On my case there is no real place after I give my son to my son. Yes, and I regularly touch something. But now I see on the back panel only the scratches that I left on the weekend. All the rest disappeared without a trace.

Here are such nanotechnologies! So do not worry about the scratches, everything will pass.

3. The upper edges were imperceptibly worn along the edges

The rounded “arcs” of the frame of the cover, protruding above the glass, became soft, like wool. They are the first to rub against the table, pockets and bag.

However, they do not fade, do not fall apart. Even the damage from falls that I have on all corners of the cover, eventually “polished”, become almost invisible.

Here’s another thing. Apple’s leather cases, in contrast to silicone, do not “melt” .

I will explain . Silicone has a strange problem: at some point, they literally begin to chip pieces of material from them. It looks terrible, not all of them – 50 to 50.

But in the end it turns out that the leather cover has a greater safety margin than silicone. It is polished, unlike the latter.

Just in case, I’ll warn you again: it’s about the dark leather covers of Apple. As for the bright ones, I’m not so sure –
I think they give out traces much more noticeably.

4. The side faces are erased to gloss, well, okay

This is more of a nit-pick. Or another plus in the benefits of dark models of the original cover of Apple.

If you look at my case under really bright color, it becomes clear: its sides are withered to black . This is partly a consequence of the habit of carrying the phone in your pocket. There, as you know, smart phones are killed slowly, but guaranteed.

In the photo you have already seen an example of how a light model can look in a similar scenario of use. A cheerful fact on the backfilling: a red case 3 months, that is half as much as mine.

Frayed sides do not interfere in any way, they are not felt in the hands and almost never visible on my violet model. The light falls.

5. Water is the worst enemy of the cover, wipe immediately

This is the main thing that the owner of the leather cover of Apple should always remember. A drop of nicotine kills a horse, and a drop of water tears the accessory for 4 thousand rubles.

Everyone knows that the skin absorbs water. It was not so dangerous, if not for the structure of the cover for the iPhone.

The fact is that the cover has a strong inner base, on which the skin is stretched. Between the skin and the base there is a very thin hollow layer.

When water gets on the skin, it can leak inside and stay in the interlayer. Then the cover begins to swell in this place, disrupting the structure of the external material. Over time, the water will evaporate, but on the skin will remain stains, cracks and traces of stretching.

Not the fact that they are polished, because a large area of ​​the material is damaged. Therefore, they dripped with water – they were wiped off immediately. Put on a wet table and forgot – blame yourself.

Silicone has no such problem. They can be washed with water. Until they start to stick and fall apart, but that’s another story.

6. Metal buttons slightly peeled off

Apple’s leather cases have a cool advantage: their side buttons are made of metal, painted in the color of the cover.

IMHO, these are the most convenient side buttons in the covers for the iPhone. They are easy to grope and difficult to accidentally click. Yes, and tactile they are pleasant.

But, as well as on any painted metal, over time there will be scratches . So I have a few buttons on the button. I do not know where, but definitely not from the fall.

Just be ready for it. The buttons do not “cure” themselves, like the rest of the cover.

7. iPhone was falling more than 30 times, and the cover saved 100%

Many manufacturers forget about this, but the main task of the cover is to protect. The original leather case for iPhone copes with this simply elegant. Much better than I expected.

The corners perfectly amortize the falls , and the frame over the glass has saved me from expensive repairs more than once. Of the two-meter flight, of course, the cover does not protect. But in normal situations, such as flying out of the hands of iPhone, everything will be gorgeous.

The only weak point is the lack of a frame in the lower front.

So which cover do I need?


Leather. Dark blue, purple, dark gray or black. They cost around 4 thousand rubles .

It is enough to never look at the shelves with covers from other manufacturers. Or watch, but each time make sure that he made the right choice.

I know that not everyone will agree with my opinion. But the leather model is better than silicone with all the factors in mind. If you’re not going to bathe with iPhones in your hands, of course.

My violet will definitely live another six months – with a permanent residence on my iPhone X. What I want and your original case. He in fact at you is? If not, it’s time to correct, you will not be sorry.

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