Luxurious summer residence of the last president of the USSR

Dacha of President Gorbachev in Musser (Abkhazia).

After the collapse of the USSR in the former member countries of the Union, a lot of real estate remained, in which party leaders loved to rest and spend their free time. Among the total number of buildings, the dacha of the first and last Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, which is located in warm, sunny Abkhazia, is especially striking.

But despite all the delights of owning such a luxurious villa, the lucky owners did not manage to enjoy their possessions, and after the collapse of the Soviet Union the house was completely useless.

Abkhazia is a real paradise.

As soon as Gorbachev entered the post of Secretary General of the Central Committee of the CPSU in 1985, Eduard Shevardnadze, who at that time held the post of Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee of Georgia, wanted to please the new leader and build for him a luxurious dacha for him. As a place to build, they chose Musser.
The finished building turned out to be posh, especially if we evaluate it as a dacha. It was a whole resort complex for private use. The building is five stories high, an elevator in the house, a dock for the submarine and several lodges for guests.

Above the spiral staircase flaunts a huge chandelier.

Stained glass windows in the dacha were made by Zurab Tsereteli himself.

Finance for the construction of this villa is clearly not spared. Marble was brought to a place from a distance, rare plants, trees and flowers were planted in the country territory, and they put a lot of effort and time to decorate the homestead lawn.
But the interior should be considered in general separately. Zurab Tsereteli himself worked on the stained-glass windows in the house, the fireplace was decorated with tiles, and the price of the most chic chandelier in the mansion in terms of modern money is more than $ 100,000.

Elegant staircase with a huge chandelier.

Presidential bedroom.

The wife of the secretary general exhausted the workers in full, forcing those constantly to change everything. But despite all the efforts, the owners of the chic choir did not manage to fully enjoy their possessions. The collapse of the USSR came, and at the dacha, which found itself already in a foreign country, there was absolutely no time left.

Remaining unclaimed, the building gradually began to deteriorate, no one followed or courted him. In 2010, the construction wanted to give the present president of Russia Vladimir Putin, but he refused such luxury. Now the house is owned by the Abkhazian president, and from time to time on the estate grounds meetings and various official meetings are held.

Jacuzzi for the presidential couple was ordered in Italy.

Sometimes the dacha is used as a hotel – there are six deluxe rooms, three “standard” rooms and one block room. But for some reason tourists do not really want to settle here. And rare visitors rather want to plunge into the atmosphere of the distant 80’s and get acquainted with the history.


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