How to block spam in Skype on iPhone

A few weeks on my Skype come spam messages, how to block them.
– Sergei

Hello, Sergey.

To get rid of annoying Skype messages on your iPhone, do the following:

For contacts:

1. It is enough to delete a contact to stop receiving messages from it. When you try to send a message later, you will be prompted to add it to your contacts. If you reject it or ignore it, no messages from this person will be received.

2. You can add an existing contact to the black list. To do this, go to the conversation with the subscriber, click on the name of the person at the top of the screen, find the Block contactfield in the list .

For groups:

1. To stop receiving a message from the group, just leave it. To do this, hold your finger on the group’s dialog and select Leave group .

2. You can silence messages from a group so you do not leave it, but do not receive a notification every time you chat. To do this, open the group’s dialog, click on its name, find the Notifications item and either completely turn off the messages or set up smart notifications (there will be notifications with mention of the user’s name).

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