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Director Luc Besson was accused of raping an actress

According to her, the incident occurred in a Parisian hotel.

On Friday, a 27-year-old actress, whose name is not disclosed, appealed to law enforcement agencies with a corresponding statement. She claimed that the famous director committed sexual violence against her at the Bristol Hotel in Paris on Thursday.

She also said that she had been with Besson for about two years, and complained of compulsion to intimacy, which was associated with work.

Luc Besson’s attorney Thierry Marember stated that he categorically rejects these fictional accusations against him. Also, as the lawyer specified, the director “fell off his chair when he heard what he was accused of.” The 59-year-old director said that “he is familiar with the actress, but never allowed such actions.” However, the police have already begun an investigation into the complaint.

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