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Buddha-billionaire: How the rich man decided to give up everything and start a new life

The rich man, who decided to give up his fortune.

After the publication of the book “Buddha-billionaire” the world learned about the unusual fate of Dariel Garner – he is the prototype of the main character of the book. Dariel was one of the richest people in America, and then he seemed to be replaced: now he lives on welfare from the state, but claims that he was never as happy as he is now. So what happened?

History Dariela Garnela (Dariel Garner) has become known only after the release of the book ” Billionaire Buddha “, who wrote the girl Dariela. They live together in a small house, where they grow food for themselves, together they participate in various social actions directed against capitalism and preach a simple farmer way of life.

In a smart, smiling Dariele, it’s impossible to recognize the former billionaire. Then he was incredibly fat, rarely smiling and almost never noticed people around.


Dariel Garner and River San.

At the disposal of Dariel was more than 40 huge companies on 4 continents. He led the second largest agribusiness in the US, supplying his products to Mexico, developing software for US banks, buying golf courses, ski resorts, amusement parks, and running companies for the production of medical cosmetics – his income was estimated at hundreds of millions. And now he is 67 years old, and all his income is 900 dollars from the state.


Dariel Garner.

“I’ve never been as happy as I am today,” Dariel smiles. – Today I’m poor, but I have much more than ever. Every day I wake up with joy, I’m happy that this life and these people surround me. I communicate with nature, with other people, and this is exactly what I lacked when I was rich. ”


Dariel Garner was one of the richest people in the United States.

At that time, Dariel weighed 166 kg, so one day his doctor said to him: “You know, Dariel, I really envy you. I imagine how you are standing in your old age on your veranda somewhere in the resort, with a cocktail in your hand, next to your beautiful wife … one problem – you will not live to be old. ”


Dariel Garner.

This statement plunged Dariel into depression. He shut himself up and began to lean more on food. One day, after arriving at another resort, the hostess of the establishment gently touched Dariel’s shoulder to show him his table. At this moment, the man realized that in fact, rich people are not pleasant to touch – they are like a separate caste, celestials, to which they do not even approach, not to touch.

And suddenly he wanted that there was not this abyss between him and people. “It was like a touch of the Lord,” recalls Dariel. “I realized that I, too, can love and be loved. I was dumbfounded. ”


Now, Dariel Garner takes an active part in the actions directed against capitalism.

The next morning, Dariel took a diet. “I decided to start living.” He began to think a lot and analyze his life. Having decided personally to sign salary bills to his employees, he suddenly saw that many of them earned as much in the year as he received in an hour. This shocked him.

And one day he heard his wife say to someone who had just come into their house: “You do not recognize Dariel, he’s become much easier and more friendly, it turns out he also has a heart.” “And I thought, that I always had a heart, “- the man was surprised then.


River San with his book.

Over time, Dariel ripened to cardinal decisions that completely changed his life. He divorced his wife, transferred his money to a charitable foundation, spent part of the money to restore one of the small towns in California, and settled there nearby, starting to run his own farm.

He began to read books, began to play sports and watch his health more closely, was carried away by spiritual practices and science. Then he met Rivera Sun, who later wrote the book “Buddha-billionaire.”

“During this time, I met so many different people that I would never have met in my life if I continued to live, being closed behind a wall of money. Then I was choking with loneliness. ”


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