At 30 thousand degrees the enemy will evaporate

Tanks will be electrocuted

Plasma means of protection of objects, developed by St. Petersburg physicists, an order of magnitude more effective than traditionally applied.

The corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Mikhail Silnikov, told about the creation and successful tests of the samples of plasma-dynamical installations intended for throwing anti-vehicle in active defense systems of both stationary and moving complexes. The actuality of creating such types of weapons is connected with the fact that there are facilities where it is impossible to accommodate a sufficient mass of armor, and active protection using explosives for fired weapons is excluded for design or technical reasons.

In installations, a new physical principle of energy generation is applied to bring out elements that hit attacking munitions on the counter-trajectory. For this, pulsed electrical discharges (IEDs) are used in a condensed medium.

The specific energy concentration (from 103 to 105 Joules per cubic centimeter), the high rate of its release in the discharge channel and the high pressure of the gas discharge plasma (from 108 to 1010 Pascals) with a temperature of 10 000 to 30 000 degrees on the Kelvin scale.

To excite the IED, as a rule, either a high-voltage breakdown of the discharge gap is used, or an initiating conductor that closes it. In the second case, an electrical impulse can be created at long intervals. In this case, the nonlinear direction of the discharge channel in a condensed medium is formed at relatively low voltages.

The use of electric discharge has become a real and promising method of active protection of objects

Thus, the use of an electric discharge becomes a real and promising method of active protection. Moreover, studies have shown that the efficiency of the system can be increased fourfold upon completion. And the efficiency of plasma-dynamic devices at fairly reasonable energy costs is an order of magnitude higher than that of traditional protection equipment.

Mikhail Silnikov notes the breakthrough nature of the studies conducted and the prospects for their application in the design of weapons and military equipment. At present, the complex of R & D and OTR for the creation and development of small-scale production of several modifications of plasma-dynamical propulsion systems for various types of protected objects begins.

Photos of the devices were demonstrated at the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference “Actual Issues of Protection and Security” held in St. Petersburg. More details about this are in the nearest issues of the MIC.

Alexei Zakhartsev , correspondent of the MIC (St. Petersburg)

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