28 hours on air and fast end on the asphalt. Overview of a pair of long-playing smartphones Oukitel

Once again we paid attention to the brand Oukitel, which in 2015 promised to release a smartphone with a battery for 10,000 mAh. “PowerBox with GSM module”, “When will Apple think of this before?”, “Reminded” Yeralash “about suitcases with batteries,” “Apple” will elbows gnaw, “ – wrote our readers. Since then, a lot of time has passed, so the attitude has changed a little. Now such a capacious battery does not cause any special delights and surprises. At least, the informed audience.

About what will be discussed

  • Protected Oukitel K10000 Max and long-playing K10
  • Battery life
  • Camera
  • Performance and Display
  • Conclusions and assessment

Later this monster visited on tests, proving: it can work really long. In general, this is his main advantage. At the end of last year , we found Oukitel K10000 Pro – no less brutal than its ancestors, and with a typical battery. No surprises – with a week of work, if not to strain games. Oukitel meanwhile has long established the release of classic externally smartphones, but continued to equip them with capacious batteries.

This time we decided to test one of the models for strength – it is positioned as a protected smartphone, capable of withstanding what many can not. There were lots of plans: to freeze, to dump from a height, and to shoot him from something more powerful than pneumatic weapons. Reality did not allow.

Is Oukitel K10000 Max durable?

The Oukitel K10000 Max, a model of 2018, came under the gun’s sight again with a brutal design, a body in springy plastic, screws around the perimeter, plugs on the headphone jack and USB Type-C. Heavy, is able to replace the brick in the event of an attack by hooligans. In the lower part there is an “ear” – probably to pass a lace there. Better, of course, something stronger that can withstand weight of 337 grams. Dimensions of the smartphone – 168.8 × 86.5 × 15.9 mm. In the pocket of ordinary trousers you can not put this. It is placed, but it will not be possible to sit down, and the seams on clothes strive to disperse. In his backpack he is the place.

The smartphone is presented in two colors: completely black, which looks standard and therefore less interesting, and with green inserts. The second is more cheerful and is perceived more firmly. It’s an illusion.

According to the specifications, Oukitel K10000 Max meets the IP68 standard. In addition, he received a shockproof case.

As for the penetration of water, there are no questions: the smartphone lay for days at a time just in the water, then – being frozen in the ice. This part of our experiment was a success. The smartphone continued to receive a signal, lying in the liquid, and later – from the ice. To check how one of the flagships in the metal case behaves in such a situation, we did not: it’s a pity. But it became clear that Oukitel – a tough nut.

The next step was to test for strength. The heavy apparatus, surrounded by frozen water, gained about the same weight as it pulled itself. Several shots on the asphalt from a height of about one and a half meters – and, to our great regret, the screen went out of order. K10000 Max was alive, but the display went out, only in some places there were glimpses of lighting. Oreshek still gave a crack.

This is a common problem for all even the most secure smartphones – a large screen and weight do their black work. Surely the mobile would have lived longer, it will not be heavier and surrounded by ice.

Especially before that, we actively dropped it on the floor in the office, throwing and hurling: the tile once unpleasantly crunched, and on the “max” – no dents. But further tests on strength lost meaning. As practice shows, with a high degree of probability, the smartphone would withstand the passage of a car on it – the tires spread over the entire surface, so even the glass can remain intact, and the hull will not fail. Nail? Also found a problem …

The smartphone is completely intact, but the screen stopped working.
The smartphone is completely intact, but the screen stopped working.

The second smartphone, the Oukitel K10, is different from the protected fellow. First, he has an even more capacious battery – at 11 000 mAh. Secondly, it is not protected, the plastic case with metallic elements of rich copper-gold color and leather back panel. By the way, this material is constantly controversial: is it natural or synthetic? The manufacturer claims: natural calfskin. The feel and texture is really like a young specimen of a cloven-hoof. To chew, taste, or try to weld it, we did not.

The case of the protected smartphone Oukitel K10000 Max consists of several types of plastic. One, which runs along the perimeter, is softer, slightly rough plus has protrusions (it is more convenient to keep it in wet hands, it will not slip). The second is stiffer and smooth. From it, inserts are made around the screen (the smartphone with green elements has hard plastic of this color), as well as the back panel. To a smooth surface for this reason, the smartphone does not particularly cling

For the case Oukitel K10, in turn, is used softer, matte plastic, the mobile phone is thinner, despite the more capacious battery, so it is more convenient to lay in your hand. Although the pocket is still all the same with difficulty. For reference, its dimensions are 167.4 × 78.5 × 13 mm, weight – 284 grams. That is, it is a little shorter, already, thinner and lighter, and these almost 53 grams of difference are felt like all 10

If K10000 Max can be called brutal, K10 is almost elegant, but metallic inserts of beautiful color can cause different feelings, and the dimensions are not “childish”.

Battery life

No matter how “Chinese” the batteries are, both smartphones leave far behind many competitors (those with “ordinary” batteries and even amplified by 4-5 thousand mAh). We organized a live broadcast with the participation of both phones, launching a cyclic playback of the video, turning off the communication and setting the display brightness to 50%.

Why is that? It was an imitation of a long trip, during which I want to see movies and serials. The same level of brightness can not be installed without special equipment, therefore – an honest system of 50%. The K10000 Max screen was less bright, but not the winner in the long race.

It was expected that smartphones will last at least 20 hours and there will not be a particular difference in the time of battery life. By the way, both devices running Android 7.0 and 7.1.1 work for K10000 Max and K10, respectively, and this is a minus: the new Google OS manages power consumption better. In addition, on top of it – the proprietary shell Oukitel. It is unlikely that she takes care of energy. What in reality?

The first hours were the most intense. “What if there’s a failure?”

In just under four hours, the K10000 Max lost about 13% of its charge. K10, whose screen shone brighter – 9%. After 21 hours, the batteries contained 15% and 31% of the charge, respectively. The final time for the protected device (which K10000 Max) was just over a day. K10 with a battery for 11 000 mAh came to the finish after a little less than 28 hours.

The most active charge was traditionally lost under the curtain. Smartphones do not provide a shutdown function with a minimum battery level (allows you to immediately turn on the device when connected to an outlet without the need to boot the system), so the batteries landed in full zero.

The recording, unfortunately, is still being processed by the YouTube service, so it’s impossible to show it.


Oukitel K10 has a dual main camera in the layout of 21 + 8 megapixels with predictive autofocus for serial shooting in motion. But, as you know, not in megapixels, happiness, so the pictures are quite ordinary. Revelations did not happen even with the active “professional” mode. What can we say about the self-camera, also double (13 + 8 megapixels).

The K10000 Max has a 16-megapixel main camera and an 8-megapixel front-facing camera. The proprietary application does not work too fast, obviously there is a noticeable delay when shooting, there are presets for guiding “beauty” and support for HDR.

Performance and screen

What about performance? Nothing remarkable. K10000 Max received an 8-core chip Mediatek MT6753 with a clock speed of up to 1.3 GHz and 3 GB of RAM. K10 – 8-core Mediatek MT6763 Helio P23 with a frequency of up to 2.3 GHz and 6 GB of RAM. The second device in use is much more comfortable, the camera works without delay, the interface works more efficiently without lags. The first sometimes starts to strain the brakes – its strong side in the battery and the resistance to damage.

K10000 Max is equipped with a 5.5-inch IPS-screen with a resolution of Full HD and touch Android-buttons under it. A massive body makes itself felt: the frames are wide, but this is taken for granted. The colors are slightly muted, the brightness is below the average, twisting the slider to the maximum, you will not get the expected result, in the sun to see anything on the screen will be problematic. The picture is contrast, clear, but for some reason even on the desktop creates an uncomfortable feeling of flicker.

K10, in turn, received a 6-inch IPS-screen of the same resolution. The brightness is much higher than the previous smartphone, the colors also look nicer, there is no “flicker”. Maybe it was the peculiarity of a particular device. The framework is relatively thin, there are no dedicated Android buttons under it, only the soft keys in the interface.

In standard applications, it is more productive than the K10000 Max due to a more advanced processor and an increased amount of RAM, but it is not expected to be “parrots” in both synthetic tests and games.

Conclusions and assessment

K10000 Max has its advantages, which consist in a shockproof case and excellent protection against water and dust. Plus, of course, the battery. The screen is average, performance is notably small. The camera – from the category of “is, well, okay.” The fingerprint scanner works quickly, but the system responds with thoughtfulness. This is often observed in inexpensive smartphones.

Oukitel K10 looks more attractive – at least externally. To the touch it is more familiar, there is no complaint to the screen, and the battery is more powerful. Design will find its fan, protection is also required by far not all. There is NFC, which for some people will seem an important aspect, as well as support for Wi-Fi networks in the 5 GHz band.

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