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The police asked bloggers to help fight online scammers. The first to apply to Wylsacom

Videobloger called this “a useful initiative” and promised to participate.

Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Orenburg region asked theregional media and video bloggers to help combat online fraud. One of the first to address the police told videobloger Wylsacom (Valentin Petukhov).

Petukhov told about receiving the letter on May 18 and noted that “it will be necessary to do it.” In the letter, the blogger is asked to insert a 30-second segment with information about scammers on the Internet for free.

The police believe that bloggers have “a huge impact on the media space”, so they can help with the prevention of fraud through the Internet, cellular communications and mobile banking applications.

In the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Orenburg region, RBC confirmed the authenticity of the letter, which was received by regional media and bloggers, including all-Russian ones. Producer Wylsacom Ilya Ovcharenko added that the team has not yet decided to cooperate with the police, but knows about its “civic duty to subscribers.”

In June 2017, a deputy from the LDPR invited 25 videoblogers to the State Duma to discuss cooperation issues. Petukhov, like most bloggers, refused to attend a special meeting.

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