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One life for two without an upsurge and tragedies: happy Siamese twins

Once it was believed that the birth of Siamese twins marks the end of the world, so unfortunate people, fused with bodies, tried to sacrifice the gods or just get rid of them. Later, Siamese twins, which can not be divided, there was one road – to the circus, to entertain the public. But, in spite of this, some couples of twined twins managed to live happily.

Chang and Eng Bunker

Chang and Eng were born on May 11, 1811 in Siam, in the territory of modern Thailand. It was after the Bunker brothers became known to the world, twined twins and began to be called Siamese. It should be noted that the King of Siam was so impressed with the birth of Chang and Ang that he ordered to immediately kill the twins so as not to bring trouble on the state. But the mother refused to give her boys, and the king’s order was never executed.

However, the medical technologies of the XIX century did not leave Chang and Engu any chance of separation: the brothers were thoracopagas (twins fused in the thorax), and in this case the heart is always affected. Even at the current level of medicine, the chances of surviving the division are very small, and then it meant a sure death. Therefore Chang and Eng grew up like ordinary children – in fact, they had no choice.

When the brothers were teenagers, they were noticed by the British businessman Robert Hunter and invited Chang and Eng to perform in his circus, demonstrating his body and his abilities. It was a big risk, but Hunter turned out to be an honest man. The brothers toured the UK and the US until they turned 21, and after the contract with Hunter became rich people.

Chang and Ang moved to the US, took the surname of Bunker, signed a contract with the famous circus of Phineas Barnum and bought a farm. April 13, 1843, a double wedding took place: Chang and Eng married two sisters – Adelaide and Sara Ann Eits. In the marriage of Chang, 10 children were born, and Eng – 11.

The brothers lived on their farm in the circle of a loving family until his death in 1874: Chang fell ill with pneumonia and died, and Eng died in a few hours. They were 63 years old.

Rose and Joseph Blazek

Sisters from Bohemia (now Czech Republic) were born in 1878. It was not possible to divide the sisters who grew up in the pelvic area. The parents of Rosa and Joseph were so scared that they initially decided simply not to feed their sisters, so that they died of hunger. It is not known for what reason they changed their mind, but Rose and Joseph grew up.

Since it was difficult for them to study together with ordinary children, parents preferred to teach sisters music and, oddly enough, dancing. The sisters played the violin and harp and really knew how to dance, each with his partner. They regularly performed and were generally successful. And then Rose fell in love.

Her chosen one was a German officer, who nearly quarreled Rosa with her sister. Rosa and Joseph had one external genitalia for two, so there was no question of any intimate relationships at first. However, later Josef lost and allowed her sister to reunite with her lover. And what happened was what no one expected: Rose became pregnant.

It was Rosa, because each of the sisters had her own womb. The newborn was called Franz. It was an absolutely healthy baby, which the sisters fathered together, because the milk appeared in both. At the same time, legally they were both considered to be the mothers of Franz. The father of the kid, unfortunately, died in the war.

After Rosa and Josef there were novels, once the sisters even wanted to get married, but they were not allowed: according to the law, such a marriage would be considered bigamy. But in any case, the sisters managed to learn both the love and the happiness of motherhood.

Rose and Joseph died in 1922. Joseph fell ill with jaundice, and the doctors offered a separation to Rosa, in order to save her at least. Rosa refused.

“If Joseph will die, I also want to die,” she said.

Millie and Christina McCoy

Fate prepared the black sisters Milli and Cristina for cruel trials: twins and pelvis twins appeared in the family of slaves in Northern California. When they were 8 months old, the owner sold them with his mother, but the new owner preferred to immediately resell the twins to a freak circus. From there girls were soon kidnapped. Only three years later they were found in England and returned to the United States.

Then their host, apparently, decided that the twins that were grown up by themselves were not so interesting to the public, and began to teach girls singing. So Millie and Cristina, who had no chance of separation or freedom, got a chance to realize their talents. The girls were singing really well.

After the death of the owner, the slave was inherited by his son Joseph, who invented a new legend for the sisters: Millie and Christina became Millie-Christina, one girl with two heads, four hands and four legs. This is how he represented his charges. But it no longer mattered.

Millie and Christina sang so beautifully that the fans came not to look at their physical characteristics, but to enjoy the voices of the sisters. “Two-headed nightingale,” as they called Millie and Christine, became extremely popular. Soon the girls began not only to sing, but also to play musical instruments and even dance.

And after the civil war and the abolition of slavery, Millie and Christina not only gained freedom, but became very rich and respected ladies. The musical talent allowed them to earn a comfortable life. At the age of 58, the sisters left the stage and again became Milli and Cristina. They returned to North Carolina, bought a house in the city of Columbus and spent the rest of the days resting from worries. They died at the age of 61 years.

Abigail and Brittany Hensel

Perhaps the most famous living Siamese twins are the sisters Abigail and Brittany Hensel from the United States. This is a rare case of surviving (and living a full life!) Twins-dicephalys: the sisters for two have two heads, one torso, two arms, two legs and three lungs. The heart and stomach have their own, but the blood supply between them is common.

Two spinal cords end in the same pelvis, and all organs below the waist are common to them. In fact, from the side of the dicephaly look like a man with two heads. And at the same time they manage to lead a full life.

Each of the sisters controls their half of the body, but Brittany and Abigail have learned to coordinate with such precision the movements that can run, swim, ride a bicycle and even drive a car (each has its own driver’s license). The girls studied in an ordinary school and in their childhood both dreamed of becoming doctors.

Parents strongly supported any hobbies of the sisters, and therefore Brittany and Abigail managed not to feel outcast: they never hid at home and tried not to react to the increased attention of strangers. As a result, girls live a full life: they have many friends and a hobby.

Moreover, the girls graduated from the university with a degree in “mathematics teacher”, and each received a license. They get a job, but they get a salary for two.

“We immediately, of course, realized that we will have a salary, because we are doing the work of one person,” Abby says.


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