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Netflix canceled the premiere of the sequel to “13 Reasons Why” after shooting at the Texas School

The second season of the series is directly related to the topic of shootings.

A shot from the series "13 reasons why"
A shot from the series “13 reasons why”

Netflix canceled the premiere of the second season of the series “13 reasons why” because of shooting at the Texas school, where at least eight people were killed. The plot of the sequel is directly related to the joke: one of the heroes Tyler keeps the arsenal of weapons at home and plans an attack on classmates.

The company said that they “mourn for the victims of today’s tragedy” and express the words of support to those who suffered in the shooting. At the same time, all the series are already available on the Netflix website, just the company refused the premiere party.

Netflix already fell into this situation: he canceled the premiere of the series “Punisher” at the festival Comic-Con because of the shooting in Las Vegas.

May 18 schoolboy gave fire on classmates in Texas – killed at least eight people. Most of the students were evacuated from the building to the street and a gym. The police detained the suspect.

The series “13 reasons why” tells the story of a 17-year-old schoolgirl, who committed suicide because of schoolbreaking and sexual violence. The picture was criticized for a detailed scene of suicide.

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