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Kadyrov announced the liquidation of militants who tried to seize the church in Grozny

In the operation, a policeman died, one parishioner was injured.

Ramzan Kadyrov told Interfax that four Chechen rebels were killed in Grozny trying to capture parishioners in the church of Archangel Michael. One policeman died in the operation, another parishioner was injured.

Telegram-channel published a photo of the church of Archangel Michael after the attack. The scene of the incident is cordoned off, the operatives establish the identity of the attackers.

At the same time, the source of the RIA Novosti reported about three deaths: two employees and one parishioner. Interfax interlocutor in law enforcement agencies noted that the police arrived in Grozny from the Saratov region.

According to the head of Chechnya, the militants received an order from one of the western countries and were going to seize the hostages. Kadyrov added that he “directly supervised the conduct of the special operation,” which took “a few minutes” while on the scene.

“Kavkaz.Realii” referring to eyewitnesses said that near the church there was shooting, and on the roof of one of the houses was an armed man surrounded by policemen. The source of “Interfax” added that the militants were armed with 10 bottles of incendiary mixture, edge, ax and knives.

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