I broke the iMac? Solve the problem for free


Working at a computer is not so comfortable, if the body of the candy bar is always trying to occupy the lowest position. You can eliminate this fault in the service center. It will cost you about $ 100 . For those who do not want to spend their blood, we have prepared 3 free solutions to this problem. Let’s go from simple to difficult!

But first let’s try to understand what caused such a breakdown

In a special zone of risk are 27-inch monoblocks, which were released before the end of 2013. However, owners of other models can face this problem.

The design of the tilt mechanism consists of two metal springs working on twisting. One side of these springs rests against special fastenings, the other (ATTENTION!) – is fixed by two plastic washers-holders . Plastic parts in the car for a lot of money – pushes on bad thoughts.

The physical characteristics of plastics are not endowed with high wear resistance. That’s why at one fatal moment some users will be forced to face an unpleasant crunch. After that, the poppy’s “head” will always be in a drooped state.

1. Use of improvised means for fixing the position

This is the simplest, but, rather, temporary solution. To fix the case you can use the improvised means. This can be a box of suitable size inserted under the body. Just as well can fit a rubber bouncer or bathing duck. In general, it is necessary to show originality here.

2. Free repair at an authorized service center

At the time of studying this problem, I came across information that Apple acknowledged the fault for this malfunction. According to the resolution, the company undertakes not only to carry out repairs, but also to return the funds to those owners who managed to eliminate the ailment at their own expense. In addition, Apple has extended the warranty period to 5 years for all iMacs that were released between December 2012 and July 2014.

To verify the accuracy of this information, I contacted Apple support . During the conversation it turned out that repairs can indeed be made free of charge. For this, it is necessary to assign a poppy to an authorized service center, where diagnostics will be carried out. The results of the diagnosis will show whether the case is warranted or not.

Screenshots of the full conversation are posted below.

3. Fault repair by own forces

ATTENTION . Do all of these procedures at your own risk. If you are not sure about something, it is better to contact a specialist.

This is the most difficult way to solve the problem, but it is quite feasible. In this case, you will get not only a working tilt mechanism, which is not afraid of relapses, but also a sense of satisfaction from the fact that the repair was carried out by you personally.

Below is information on how I made repairs and what I needed for this:

• Special cutter for opening the case ( iMac Opening Wheel Tool ). If you want absolutely free, you can use a stationery knife. This tool is quite suitable, but they can accidentally catch black paint from the back of the glass;
• A special set of strips of double-sided adhesive tape ( iMac original tape / strips ). If you want absolutely free of charge, you can use a thin two-sided tape. I used it. Two years have passed since the repair. The display sits like poured and does not think to fall off;
• TORX screwdriver with T9 size;
• Neatness and prudence are necessary.

In order to get to the tilt mechanism, you must virtually completely disassemble the iMac.

On the Internet, you can find a large amount of detailed material on this topic. Therefore, there is no point in duplicating it here. Personally, when I was parsing iMac, I used the instruction from iFixit .

TIP : when parsing, group the bolts, so that at the time of collection do not solve the puzzle “where to use extra parts.”

After you get to the tilt mechanism, it is best to completely separate it from the body. In this case, it will be much easier to carry out repairs. The mechanism is attached to the body only 6 bolts.

Unscrew the plastic parts. In their place, it is necessary to find a metal substitute. I used a thin metal plate, in which I drilled holes for bolts in size.

Next comes the most difficult stage of repair. It is necessary to bring the two ends of the spring under the metal insert, and tighten the screws. It’s best to get a partner. It is very difficult for one to do this.

Now you can return the tilt mechanism to the usual place. After that, the computer case will occupy the top position. Do not let this confuse you at all . After all the components of the iMac are back in place, the tilt mechanism can be locked in any position.

Before installing the display, I advise you to familiarize yourself with this video material. Here the whole process is described in great detail and accessible.

For the preparation of this material I want to express my gratitude to Eugene Brenner . This man published information about repairing the tilt mechanism on his iMac, which inspired me to solve the problem on my own.
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