Found 5 scam applications. Do not download in any way!

For 2017, the number of applications in the App Store fell by 6%, dropped from 2.2 to 2.1 million. This is evidenced by the study Appfigures, it happened because of the tightening of rules for developers and the removal of 32-bit software.

2.1 million … still an impressive number with a rate of increase. Obviously, you can not keep track of all this, despite the huge team of strict moderators. Therefore, the appearance of scam applications in the store is not even surprising.

We have put together 5 such programs that will help you to lose time, money and personal data .

But in fact, the App Store is much more similar, so take information about them not as a special example, but the general case.

GetContact – antispam will tell you about the world

At the end of February 2018 social networks exploded from the influx of screenshots from the program GetContact.

She had an interesting opportunity to see how your phone number was recorded with friends, colleagues and just acquaintances: “Kolya-botan” , “Do not take the phone!” Or even “Lena manicure . 

To do this, it was necessary to give the application access to personal information. She immediately got on the company’s servers for analysis and was uploaded to a common database.

With her help it was possible to understand who and where he lives, with whom he works, when and where he goes for beer and with whom he sleeps. And these data users shared without a back thought.

In February, GetContact was blocked on the territory of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan for violations of the laws “On personal data and their protection.” And by March the program was interested in Roskomnadzor …

But the application is still available in the Russian branch of the App Store. The set of its capabilities is constantly changing, but it does not stop demanding full access to the phone book, which can become part of the overall database.

We do not recommend installing the application and giving it access to personal information, after that you risk, at least, get on the lists of advertising mailings .

Risk and download the app in the App Store (for free)

Mobile Security – distributing to the subscription “antivirus”

The Mobile Security app has verbal feedback:

  • Govno
  • The most terrible app !!! Do not download, withdraw money for anything !!!
  • Do not download or sign. Divorce for money. They will monthly charge 600 rubles each

But can they stop a person who wants to get “a powerful tool for protecting and protecting your Internet resource and ensuring the security of your personal information” ?! Hardly…

The program has a built-in safe for personal data, a secure browser, an anti-thief that will beat the attacker with an electric shock (in fact, no), and a system for reporting device security.

To make the application work and write “You are protected!”, You need to subscribe, which it brazenly requires. The program promises a free trial period (2-3 days), and after that removes 599 rubles each. per month. The scheme is not new .

Of course, there can be no question of improving security here, this is a divorce. You pay only to calm your nerves, nothing more. And there are too many “antiviruses” that iOS simply do not need, in the application store too much.

Risk and download the app in the App Store (free + subscription)

Calendar 2 – can secretly crypto currency

In mid-March, in the tops of the Mac App Store appeared awkward application-calendar, which loaded the processor by 100% or more.

It turned out that the program secretly mined the Montero crypto currency , released in 2014. This is the first time we know when the software for hidden mining appeared in the Apple application store.

No, at the first launch the application hinted that for free access to premium features it would use the system resources, but nobody paid attention to such messages.

After the alarm, which the media raised, the application was removed from the Mac App Store, and then returned without any mining. You can download it today.

However, we do not recommend you do this. First, it is disgusting in terms of opportunities. Secondly, it’s not enough that developers will want to make the resources of your Mac.

Risk and download the application in the Mac App Store (free + purchases)

“Equalizer” – promises to pump the sound on the iPhone

Unlike Android, iOS has enough limitations. In particular, you can not install an additional iPhone. An application that pumps the sound of the whole system – for example, an equalizer.

But many people continue to search the App Store for such software, and it appears with an enviable regularity.

This and similar programs can really change the sound, but they do it horribly and only within themselves. To open all its possibilities you will spend several hundred rubles, and after simply remove the “Equalizer” as superfluous. Scam.

But in each rule there are exceptions . For example, the music player VOX actually plays steeper than the standard one, it has a smart equalizer, and it also supports FLAC and other formats of sparing compression.

However, it will not make a steeper sound of the whole system and will not work with Apple Music.

Risk and download the app in the App Store (free + purchases)

“Meloman VKormane” – a player with a suspiciously consonant name

There was a time, we listened to music from VKontakte for free with dozens of iOS-applications that could download it to the device’s memory. But everything has changed.

First, Apple drew attention that the social network pirated music, and began to cover up a similar software. And after changing the leadership of the VC, music in the service became paid, a special application BOOM appeared , and the shop was completely closed down.

Nevertheless, even today in the App Store there are applications that offer without a subscription to download music from “VKontakte” – not directly, hint at it.

The other day I got a vivid example called “Musicoman Vormane”. The name of the application is suspiciously consonant with the name of the social network, so even I read it correctly not the first time.

Moreover, it was “Meloman” at one time was one of the most convenient applications for music from the VC.

It has no relation to free music. This is a trivial player for tracks downloaded via iTunes. It does not work with Apple Music and does not look handy. In vain the money spent.

Risk and download the app in the App Store ($ 9 )

Instead of output

To not lose time, money and personal data, think with your head .

If something sounds too good to be true, it’s a lie.

For example, if you are offered to learn how you are subscribed to a friend’s phone book, immediately think about where the developers have access to this information.

Moreover, follow the suggestions of programs and games. Today the situation with the subscription is very strange. Most applications offer a free period, after which a charge starts without warning. It is not right.

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